15 Reasons Why Napping is Required at Office.

Earning money is the most important subject of our life. From beggar to the world’s richest person, everyone is running behind it. We, most of the people, go to the office for earning money. We have to work hard for getting our salary. Every moment, we have to prove that we are working hard at the office.
Does it mean that we are working only at the office?
Not really!
The maximum family is a nuclear family and there will be a lot of household works, physical activity, and mental stress.
Nowadays, as men and women both are working, napping plays an important role in office areas.

Here are the 15 reasons why Napping is required :

1. Everywhere there is a rat race, it may be in the office or home or market or on the road. We, the working people, have to take part in this rat race to survive.

2. Both employed and unemployed women are working hard. So, all men must help them out and support for cooking and other activities after their office hours.

3. If in the family, 1-2 kids are there, works e.g to teach the kids is a big task. If we admit our children in a renowned private school, then we have to study more than our children, we have to do so many project works which we had not done even in our college life. It consumes our huge energy.

4. Many working women have to cook after the office to feed their family members. Regular outside food is not healthy nowadays, which is known to all.

5. Many people have to travel 1-2 hours for going to the office through the traffic jam, gossip, yesterday’s manager’s shoutings, pathetic road accident, etc. which removes morning’s s freshness and energy.

6. The maximum offices start within 9 a. m.to 9.30 a.m. So, people have to get up early without completing 7 to 8 hrs of healthy sleep.

7. Due to kid’s study, examinations, birthday celebrations, etc. people become late to sleep at night. As a result, sleeping hours get reduced.

8. Nowadays, food is not healthy. Hence, physical exercise is not only necessary to build muscles but also it is mandatory to survive from sugar, pressure, cholesterol, etc. and for this body needs rest.

9. Maximum people take heavy lunch since they don’t get time for heavy breakfast in the morning due to lack of time. Heavy lunch incurs drowsiness within people in the office.

10. We, employed people mainly settle in the city since the offices are there only. Maximum cases, our parents are not with us and we miss our big tree which acts as a shadow in our life and protects us from the hot sun. Long ago people were relaxed since the parents were there. Now, the nuclear family incurs a restless life which brings an impact in office as well.

11. Earlier we used to share our difficulties with our near and dear ones and become relaxed. Time has been changed. Now, we have to keep it in mind and live a stressful life.

12. We all know that it is better to keep office work in office and house matters in house. But due to high stress, this is not possible, the mind is always facing difficulties to control it.

13. We all breathe less than the required and that is why many people go to yoga class. Less breathe in a long time means less oxygen, which subsides the oxygen level in blood and energy gets reduced. A small nap in an office can reboot our system.

14. Maximum hours have been spent in the office. 3-4 hours for the journey, 1-2 hours for morning activities, 10-11 hours in offices, 2-3 hours in cooking and teaching kids. As we spend maximum time in offices, office hours should be effective.

15. We the human beings become upset by the news of rape, murder, acid attacks, terrorist attacks and all are the headlines of any news channel. The Mind remains in a stressed condition and it brings a negative impact in office works.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

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19 thoughts on “15 Reasons Why Napping is Required at Office.

  1. Beautiful post.Whatever you have said is absolutely correct. Everyone needs to reflect on the given points or rather problems to live a longer life for the benefits of the beloved ones especially the kids.Thank you very much for sharing.

  2. It will be too good then. But I dream that it will start soon and will be started by our next generation. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts here 🙏

  3. I have been in Corp Amer for 30-ish years and I am a napping advocate…. been in offices where napping was allowed – even encouraged to the point where a dark room with a bed was provided! And on the other end of the spectrum I’ve been in offices where it was “frowned upon” – nothing in writing, but it just didn’t look good…. with management sometimes its less about quality of work and more about image. I would say that I’ve never seen a good worker fired for stealing a few winks (20 minute afternoon refresh)…if they got fired its usually because they had a target on them for any number of reasons. Good luck to all!!

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