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ERA OF ONLINE! We are progressing a lot. We can work from home. We can pay the bills from home. We can spend our money without going to bank. All these are very interesting.  Recently, new applications have also come to us by whom we can consult a doctor through online and we can educate our children through online.

Are we really progressing? Are we really educating our kids? Yes, of course, we are progressing.  So many innovative educational applications are knocking at our door. There is no need to walk to go to Tutor’s place.  Our kids are saving a lot of time. Above all, time is very precious.

Let us discuss about online educational applications. Some educational applications are for class one to class twelve. Let us focus our discussion on a student who belongs to class one. What do you expect from that kid who spends 6 to 7 hours time at school? Definitely she/he must sleep 2-3 hours after coming from school. He / she must play 1-2 hrs in the afternoon. It is rarely seen that kids are playing outdoor games.

Maximum kids are feeling bored at home due to the following reasons:

  1. Nuclear family
  2. Single kid
  3. Working mother
  4. Not getting company of grandparents
  5. Mother becomes busy in other household works

As a result kids are being addicted to the following:

  1. TV
  2. Smart Phones
  3. Online educational apps

Kids get much interest in learning when you give them a tablet. Can they learn by this? Yes, they can learn but they learn like machines not like human beings.

Here are the negative impacts of online educational apps:

1. Kids loose their capability to think.

2. Kids don’t love educational topics rather love to handle the electronic gadgets.

3. Kids become expert in handling smart phones.

4. Kids can’t become expert in concepts.

5. When Kids will grow up, they would not be able to read books. They would be able to read  online topics only.

6. Their power of vision will be reduced. They will  face problems on headaches.Kids will be irritated easily.

7. Their life duration will be reduced, as we all know that it is better to keep kids away from oline gadgets.

8. Emotions, feelings will  be reduced drastically. Due to emotion, feelings only we are different from other animals, machines. So there will be no difference between our kids and machines.

I personally feel that the kids below 18 years should not use educational applications much. What do you think?
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

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10 thoughts on “Online Educational Applications

  1. Another great and relevant post.It is really alarming to find young people not interested in talking or meeting people. They only like the television, ipod,cell phone. They are indifferent to the day today strange happenings of life.It’s all because of the ultra-modern style of living.It’s an warning or a forecast of the near future.A devastating future for them and also for us as it will be intolerable for us to see their sad plights in the future. Thanks for the article.

  2. No escape from modern technology. Highly developed countries all use it in education. Technology is not the culprit…its the lack of training and orientation given to youngsters, how , why and when these apps should be used!!

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