Raw material and finished product

This is an interesting conversation between raw material and finished product :
Raw material(RM) : I have no use. People don’t like me. I am not at all feeling good.
Finished product (FP) – You are in good position. Nobody have done research on your body. Do you know how much pain I have tolerated while changing myself from RM to FP?
RM:- But you look so polished. You are valuable to humans.
FP:- Initially, I was like you only. From, I have taken birth as R. M. Whenever you will come across some painful situations, you will move one step ahead. After recovering from that painful situation, you will gain strength to bear the pain. Even human beings have also taken birth as zero. When they give us pain, they also have to apply pressure on us. When they face tough situations, they gain strength. This is applicable for everyone whether it is us or it is human being.
R.M – Me too want to take the risk. I will wait for that day when people will make me F.P and I will help them in different activities.”
Our life is also like this. We take birth as zero. Then we become something. If we remain at zero, then we have not tolerate any pain. If we want to become something else or we want to help others, we have to face tough situations.
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

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16 thoughts on “Raw material and finished product

  1. Yes, it’s a significant post. It’s useless blaming the other or praising another person for his/her failure or success because everybody is going through really a hard process to be happy or to make others happy. We do not really know the pain and sufferings which an individual undergo to make things happen. So we ought to be little more generous with the other person, may be that little care can change the state of that person. Thank you so much madam for the thought provoking post. 🌹🌹

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