Hard working is the solution of all problems

Are you stuck with lots of problems? Are you always thinking how to get rid of those problems? You are always searching for the solution. Maximum problems are problems to you because you treat those as problems.
Can’t you treat those problems as a step for going ahead? When do you feel uneasy while you climb down the stairs or while you climb up the stairs? Definitely, when we climb up the stairs, we feel uneasy, we feel pain in our legs. Metal gold has to tolerate so much pain before we use it. So many impurities have been mixed with gold so that gold can get a proper shape and we can use it as ornaments.
Let me share my friend’s story here. She was not at all working hard. But now, she is working hard. So, she has understood the difference and shared with me about her realization. She stays in a flat with her kid. Her husband is out of station for the sake of good job. She is doing a job in a company from 10a.m to 6 p.m. She gets up from bed at 5am in the morning. She does the exercises and then prepares breakfast and school – tiffin for her kid. She makes her kid ready for school. Her kid leaves her home at 6.55 am. Then she becomes free as she leaves for her company at 9.30am. So, she teaches 6 numbers students from 7am to 8.30am.Then she becomes ready for her company. By 6.30 pm, she reached at home and at 7 pm, again 6 students come, she teaches from 7 pm to 8.30pm. She become relax then and takes dinner at 8.45 pm along with her kid. By 10 pm she completes her all household works and goes to the bedroom. There she spends one hour with her kid for study and play. Then by 11.15 – 11.30 pm she along with her kid sleeps. Again, next day the routine follows. After sharing her routine with me, she shared her realization.
” Earlier, I used to think a lot. I don’t know why but I was crying a lot. I was not at all satisfied in anything. When my husband relocated for job, I used to cry thinking that how could I manage alone. I was getting fear at night. I used to awake at midnight 2-3 times. As a result, my health was not good. I used to feel sleepy at daytime. For this reason, I couldn’t be able to give attention at my office works. I was seeing the pictures of beautiful couples posted at facebook and thought that I was most unlucky woman who is not getting the help of her husband. Now, everything got changed. I have no time to think all those. I rarely see the facebook posts. I rarely think much. I think about my works only- what will I teach to my students today, what I have to shop today, what will I teach to my own kid today? Suddenly, I noticed the changes that I have no time to cry also. This hard working keeps me fit and exercises help me in this.”
What can we learn from her story? Don’t keep a second time to think about the problems much. If the problem is really a big one, think about the solution. Think like this way – Solution must be within the problem. Our five sense organs must help in finding the solution. If you desire to get a solution, you will get it. But in maximum cases, our mind enlarges the problems. This is the great mistake people do. So, by being idle, don’t allow your mind to enlarge the problems.
My friend whose story I have shared, does not keep a single hole in time. Here, hole means an idle time. If hole is there in your work schedule, definitely that hole will be filled up by negative thoughts and your problems will be bigger.
So work hard. It will keep your body and mind fit.
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

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  1. Very logical write up, totally agree with what is written in the fourth last stanza, good to know the story of your friend but sorry to say i dont believe what is written on the title,though its a common thought and most of the people believe it but its also true that spending idle hours can never be fruitful.

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