Do you want to suicide ?

Hey, don’t worry, this poem will guide

You, don’t be hurry, Just be here till end.

We will take you to that street, Where no pain will exist,

While you do suicide, your body will get new feelings.

Where you can do suicide without any poisons,

Without hanging yourself from ceilings.

Sit in a cool, calm place.

Give a smiling face.

Be happy before leaving this world,

As your wish is going to be fulfilled.

God is watching and crying.

It is not you who is loosing,

It is God who could not win,

In the battle with evil.

You and God both are crying

But evil is laughing.

God wants from you – few days time

To shift your pain within

Him, God will keep watching

Before moving to evil

God will give you some special blessings

Spend the time with God as much as possible.

You want to leave God’s touch,

But how can God leave you,

In the midst of your journey ?

In these few days,

Talk with your soul

God will be hidden within you,

God will show you, God will teach you,

The correct way how

Your Pain will suicide, but not you.

Remember : doing suicide means you want evil to win. Being a good,kind person, why don’t you help God to win in the battle with evil ?

Thank you for reading. Let us together make a beautiful world. God bless.

COPYRIGHT @ Tanusri Sen

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75 thoughts on “Suicide

  1. My pleasure getting such comments from you. I will be very happy if some depressed person read this and stop doing suicide.. And getting inspiration….

  2. Yes, I want to suicide…….wait for few days…….
    After reading your post my mind is changed but still my heart is forcing to……..😳😣😣

  3. Its really nice, if it would have been reached this message few years back… I had one friend… thank you Tanusri Di.

  4. I’m not kidding………Really I’m thinking about suicide…….and writing my death story……my mind is not ready but heart is forcing😒

  5. Nicely written Tanusri Di, I just remember my friend. It was in 2013, My friend, was working in a reputed Company and was very happy. Everything was well. He got married and started problem in their family life. After 7 months of his worst family life, he jumped in front of train.
    His wife is too happy now, since she got her LOVER.
    This message should reach to each and everyone. Thanks Tanusri di.

  6. Yes, the depressed people becomes blind and don’t try to understand.. This post is a little trial to reduce suicide cases. Thank you for stopping by..

  7. Pray pray.. Let us try to help the Supreme power in winning the battle with devil… God will win and devil will go lost..
    Thank you Nirant for stopping by and commenting..

  8. Still I am thinking that Ashis is kidding with us… As he is such a great writer… I am sure he has capabilities to remove depression of others….

  9. Thank you Sumeet… Yes I have read your article also.. You have given such a nice description about the pictures after suicide..and about the transfer of pain…

  10. I know that you don’t have much time to pray yet you are a very pious person.You are a spiritually uplifted person.That is what has been working in you to write posts related to soul and spituality.

  11. Brother I agree with you. Everyone tell me same thing………but my heart never understand these things……in my life there are unlimited pain and problems……i don’t what should I do!!!!!
    Brother I’ll read your article very soon. I think promoting of good article is not bad thing……so please promote your writing.

  12. Problem exists in everyone’s life… But due to different attitude of different people, it outbursts in different way… And time matters… May be today u r in problem.. But tomorrow there will be no problem… So.. Please keep patience and just be happy without any reason….. πŸ˜ƒ hv a great day

  13. I can understand that you’re going through a rough phase. But I can surely say that it won’t last.
    Neither good nor bad times last. The thing that hurts you most today doesn’t necessarily hurt you tomorrow & that’s the truth of the time.
    Go back to your past & think about what were things you thought so stressful & now it doesn’t matter.
    I’m sure you’ll find many πŸ™‚

  14. Ohhh.. another great work Tanusri. Loved it a lot. I was bit surprised at the beginning. Why are you promoting suicide was haunting me. But towards the end you made a marvellous breakthrough with a twist. Yes god will heal ur sorrows. Give him time. We, human beings are not patient enough to wait. A good message Tanu. Nice work β€οΈβ€οΈπŸ’“

  15. Intentionally, I have made the beginning like this otherwise negative minded people will not read… When someone become full of negative thoughts, then negative thoughts always pull them… Reactive force.. It is very difficult to bring someone ( who immersed fully in negative thoughts) to positive direction. Thank you dear for stopping by… πŸ˜ƒ πŸ™

  16. Is there a way I can share this poem. It is so true. Suicide is evil. God doesn’t want that for his children.

  17. So many people take this lives now a days. The picture I have as my display pic was my moms boyfriend he was like a dad to me and he shot himself in the head April 27th of last year and I miss him everyday.

  18. Sorry to hear this news… Many are facing these type problems,even I also lost my own sister 9years back.. But still she flashes in my mind… Some are very positive minded, but some are very much negative minded. It is very difficult job to convert extreme negative mind into a positive mind…

  19. Please be strong.
    Call a friend. Reach out anonymously to a call center. You are valued and I am sure loved by all on your midst. I send warm wishes and pray for healthier mental wavelengths. πŸ€—

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