Conversation between kid and mom

This is an interesting conversation between a kid and mother :
Kid: Mother, I will not eat rice. You see, doremon never eats rice. He eats only Dora cakes. Nabita also does not eat rice. He eats only candies, juices, soup etc. Both of them never eats rice and vegetables. So I also will not eat rice and vegetables.
Mother : Is it? Have you never seen them to eat rice?
Kid: No
Mother: This is the reason, Doremon has taken birth as a Robot and Nabita has taken birth as a cartoon. But you are neither a robot nor a cartoon. You are more intelligent than Doremon and Nabita.
Kid: No mom. Doremon is more intelligent than me.
Mother : But Doremon has been created by Human beings whereas you have been created by God. So, God’s creation will be more intelligent than that of human beings. Isn’t it?
Kid – Yes.
Mother told silently – “Dear producer-please show in the TV channel that Doremon and Nabita both of them eats rice and vegetables as a lunch meal. It will be very helpful for all mothers who could not able to feed their kids.
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

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24 thoughts on “Conversation between kid and mom

  1. Popular TV shows have influence on impressionable minds. I guess if more and more parents write to TV channel, if TRP is threatened, they may agree to change storyline. Given this show is a translation and retecast of Japanese version, I do not know if much can be done. In dubbing rice can replace whatever Nobita and Dire on eats.

  2. Yes reduce TRP by writing to producers of the show or the channel. Do not deprive kids of the cartoon. As I understand, it is an universally popular cartoon crossing language barriers, inspite of some problems.

  3. Right. I never deprive my kid of the cartoon shows. But I limited her watching time. How long she will watch is in my hand. Yes, writing to the producers will be the good idea

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