Liebster Award -4th time Nomination

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I am very thankful to Prashanti Alluri  for nominating me for the Liebster AwardShe is an amazing blogger. Her writings are very much inspiring. Click here to read her blogs -” Happiness Inn“.

This Award is generally meant for new and upcoming bloggers, to give them encouragement and exposure to the blogging world and to foster a community of recognition and appreciation. This is the 4th time I have been nominated for Liebster Award.

Click here to know the the Official Rules of the Liebster Award 2018.

Questions asked by “Prashanti Alluri” and my answers-

1.Are there any writers in your family?


2.what inspired you towards blogging?

I used to write from my childhood. But long time I was detached from writing. Then one day Life changed as I got heart from someone who inspired me in writing and showed the path of happiness indirectly.

3.what is your favorite color?

Red, but it varies with time.

4.Whats your future ambition?

To become a great teacher along with a great Blogger and a great Mother

5.What are your hobbies ?

Writing and Gardening

6.whats your favorite subject in school?

Mathematics and Physics

7.Do you like poetry, then who is that you like?

Yes, I like poetry very much. One of my favorite poet is Rabindranath Tagore. Poetry brings emotion just by few sentences which I love most.

8.How do relax when your anxious?

Write and write sometimes cry and cry

9.whats your best childhood memory?

I was hugging my sweet sister (She is no more now).She was telling-“you are hugging me so tightly as if you are Mother”

10.who the most inspiring person in your life?

My Father – A retired School Teacher. I have learnt a lot from him, still I am learning from him.

11.Describe about your blog in few words?

This is a Mental Restaurant where you can feed your mind without any cost. Welcome to my restaurant. Visit daily and get a healthy mind.

Some Random thoughts about me-

  1. I am very  polite.
  2. Love my parents too much
  3. I don’t like if people smoke.
  4. I feel cigarette factory should be closed.
  5. I Like traveling very much
  6. Family is first priority to me.
  7. To me, God means doing good for others.
  8. Suddenly I remembered my sister.. Who is no  more in this world..
  9. When someone hearts me, I become stronger but someone does not know that.
  10. I feel Mother-in-law can’t take place of a mother.
  11. I hate rituals. Rituals snatch someone’s freedom.

My nominees-

I am not a good judge to select. So, my request to all of my followers that you can participate if you wish and give the answers of same questions.

I thank again “ Prashanti Alluri ” and the creator of this award. It really gives encourage to the new Bloggers.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God Bless.

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40 Replies to “Liebster Award -4th time Nomination”

  1. Wow Tanusri, great answers, I’m happy you wrote on my nomination, wish all your ambitions become true soon, happy to learn about you thru these answers ,all the best 👍💖

  2. you’re welcome…. I’m doing fine…as per freelance writing, all I can say is that GOD has been so great…quite recently, about a few days ago, I was contacted and asked to write any number of articles I can write per month at the paying rate of $30 per 800 word article; payment is twice a month, 2 weeks intervals through PayPal … I have replied, and am waiting for instructions on when to start….thank you

  3. It’s always hard when we lose someone, sure she’s in a better place! I hate rituals too but I also hate Mathematics and Physics, was always good in other subjects…Good to know more about you and congratulations for another award 🙂

  4. they said after the first two topics I will be given by them, I will choose topics by myself about which I will write…The client is hiring me to write articles for the owner of a website…

  5. Congratulations Tanusri!😊
    I too hate rituals and though I’m good with maths and physics, I would say I’m not that huge fan of these subjects😅 BUT just like I too love travelling, family means the world to me and don’t appreciate people smoking 😁

  6. Thank you so much for your kind read and sharing your thoughts here. Much appreciated. Glad to know you and maximum things are matching with me… have a great day ! Stay Blessed always…

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