Nature is my Favorite House

Can you tell me why I need a house ?

Two mountains will make the two walls of my house,

With the clouds floating here and there,

I will make the roof my house.

But, my lovely cloud, bring rain,

Exactly when

It is time for taking bath.

During winter, when my body will shake,

Ohh my cloud, please be as my blanket.

Have not to worry about summer,

As two mountains will not allow sunlight to enter.

But of course gentle wind must enter.

I will save myself from summer and winter,

By keeping myself in the lap of nature.

But cloud don’t become disobedient,

Don’t bring rain at night.

If you become disobedient,

And give me troubles,

How will I save myself ?

Where will I stay leaving my lovely nature ?

In the house made of brick,sand and cement,

I miss my Nature every moment !

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world with beautiful nature. God bless.

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