I am worried for this analysis :the person who makes others happy is not happy so much.

The person who sells fruits, does not take it for himself /herself.
The person who makes sweets, does not eat it often.
The person who works in money factory, does not become rich.
The person who makes others laugh, does not laugh so much.
The person who makes others cry, doesn’t cry so much.
Is it – the person who makes others happy is not happy so much?
Is it – the person who thinks about others, does not think about himself / herself so much?
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.


Rain Rain, come in Bengal,
And please forgive us all.
Rain, Rain where are you facing problem-
Is it the road through which you come?
You like the road full of trees, weeds,
But we all never throw the seeds,
Rather we cut the existing trees.
But this happens in cities.
Then why don’t you come to villages?
Waiting for long time – poor farmers!
Will you be able to tolerate,
When there will be no rice to eat,
No money in the pocket of farmers?
Will it be justice?
They are trying hard for earning,
But they are much dependent on your arriving.
Hope, you will listen to them,
Hope, very soon, You will come.
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

Random Thought :Man

“A man is not a real man if he does not help his wife in progressing further.”
Though the society is changing, women are progressing, still there are lots of families where man does not want his wife to progress in education. A man can be judged in better way by analyzing how he behaves with his wife. When this man was a kid, he used to cry. He used to cry because he had seen that his father was not respecting his mother. Now, the man is doing same mistake and makes his kid to cry. I don’t understand why the mistakes are being repeated in stead of being corrected. This type of man must be realized that what he is doing is wrong.For realizing this, he must be punished.
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

Liebster Award -5th,6th and 7th Nomination

Hello everyone, I have got three nominations for The Liebster Award from three lovely Girls. I want to thank Jyoti, Anisha Das and Sneha Ganesh for nominating me for this award.  I am really grateful to all of you.
Their blogs are really awesome. Kindly, do check their blogs here:





1.Thank the blogger (s) who nominated you.

2.Share 11 facts about yourselves.

3.Answer the 11 questions the Blogger asked you.

4.Nominate 11 bloggers and make them happy!

5. Make up to 11 questions and ask them to your nominees.

6.Notify your 11 nominees.

11 facts about me:-

1. I love India.

2. Never I think about amount of money, I need to earn. But, now I am thinking about that.

3. If I have capability to earn money, I should do it and if the earned money becomes more than my need, I should help others.

4.I am an introvert .

5.I love to hear music, mostly in Bengali.

6. Situation is becoming worse  day by day. We all should be engaged at multiple activities.

7.I hate rituals. Some closed relatives are constantly telling me – “Do  this, do that, do fasting for your kid and so many”. Sorry to say, I can’t maintain all these. Whatever I do, I show only, I act only to make my family boss(guess who) happy.. 😃😃😃.

8.I love observing nature and people very much.

9.I love to spend time mostly with my kid and husband only.

10. I love ice cream.

11. I have a desire to make a small garden in my balcony.

Answer for questions asked by Jyoti:-

  • Which is your favorite subject and why?-> Mathematics. I don’t know the reason. Just I love it.
  • A song which describe your feelings the most!-> haven’t found such.
  • Favorite emoji – > smile
  • If you have a chance to meet one of your followers in blog, whom do you want to meet!-> There are many,can’t specify a single name.
  • Do you like antiques? Yes,If I can delete the rituals, I like the days of year 1990
  • Favorite daily outfit.- Leg in with kurti
  • If you are going to date, what would you like to wear?->jeans and kurti
  • What is the good thing you are doing nowadays?->teaching a girl who is below poverty line.
  • Do you know how to swim?-> no.
  • Who is the most adorable person you have ever seen and why do like him/ her?->My husband. He never snatches my freedom.
  • Do you like to take selfies?-> no.

Answer for questions asked by Anisha Das:-

1.Why did you start blogging?-> To keep myself engaged and thus make me happy.

2.what do you love about doing blogging?->reading other’s stories and sharing mine.

3.Who is your inspiration in your life?->Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

4.Who is your favorite author?->Rabindranath Tagore

5.What is the last book you read?->The other side of me. Not yet completed.

6.Which is your favorite movie?->DDLG, Three Idiots

7.If you are give a chance to become a singer, writer or a painter- Which one will you choose? Writer

8.What is your favorite food? Bengali rice meal with curd.

9.What’s your favorite quote? “Education is the best weapon by which you can change the world” – By Nelson Mandela.

10.What is the term perfect according to you?-> Honesty

11.What are your other hobbies?-> gardening and drawing.

Answers of Questions asked by Sneha Ganesh :

1. When have you started blogging?

I’ve been blogging since September last year in wordpress.

2. Why have you started blogging?

To refresh myself, to become energetic, to motivate myself and others.

3. Blogging is a hobby or a job?


4. What motivates you?

Everyone suffers but in different ways. Still, some people write so nice, manage all obstacles and move forward.

5. Where do you find inspiration?

Whatever my eyes captured.

6. How often do you post?

Try to write one post per day.

7. Who is your audience?

Some of my family members specially my sisters, brothers and some friends. And definitely who are reading my posts

8. What do you expect from your audience?

I never expect anything from anyone, but still if they criticize technically and grammatically on my post, I love it and try to develop myself further.

9. What do you like from my blog?

You are so kind and friendly and open minded. The way you put the feelings in words, I love it.

10. Have you tried other blogging platforms except WP?

Have no idea.

11. What do you think is missing from the blogosphere?

I am not really sure about this one….🤔

My Nominees : Anyone of my followers can participate for this award.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.