Birthday Party

We are not staying with our parents. Due to job, we are staying in a metro city. But our native place is 200 km away from this metro city. It does not become possible to celebrate my parent’s birthday. 20days back, my father’s birthday was there. Last Sunday he came to this city to meet with us-me and my sister. My sister is staying 15-20 km away from my house. My parents came to her house. I also went to my sister’s house to visit my parents.
Before going to my sister’s house, one thought came to my mind-” Every time I take sweets when I go to her house. Let me carry a big birthday cake this time”. Then that sunday had been spent with fun. My parent’s grandson and granddaughters increased the density of fun. It was an amazing day. Grand son and grand daughters gifted our father ” greetings card” made by the kids only.
Who said that you have to celebrate someone’s birthday on that particular day only? Just bring a big birthday cake, few ballons and some snacks and then start enjoying by making some one special. Enjoy whenever you feel, whenever you get time. It is better to name the ceremony as some one’s birthday πŸŽ‚ party, he / she will be surprised and very glad at this.
We all enjoyed a lot. My father also got surprised and said – “No one celebrates my birthday like this way, I am very happy today”.
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

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22 thoughts on “Birthday Party

  1. Yes..u right…u can celebrate anyday for make someone happy…awesome idea tanu…keep it up…

  2. Yes, achievement of spontaneous happiness is not a easy job. We can’t be sure whether others are happy. But if you celebrate an occasion for others, I am sure others will be happy at least for that day.

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