Authors, Writers, Bloggers- Creators

We are “Creators” of our stories, blogs,poems. I believe that these are our real babies. In these cases, the design and beauty are completely in our hand. But being a parent, we can’t drive our kids 100%. Some characteristics are their own. But in case of blogs, it is entirely dependent on us.

Will the story be tragic or comedy or thrilled ? It depends on how will you give a shape to your writings. In a class of 80 students, if you give the title of a write up, different students will write in different way and all writing babies will be unique.
Your kids have their own dreams, desires but these writing babies don’t have any desires. Your writing babies talk as your mind talks. These babies are doll in your hand. These writing babies are reflection of your mind.

All writers, authors and bloggers are one type of creator. These creators create such a story or poem which inspires others, which motivates depressed people , which reflects beauty of nature, which explains the struggle of life etc.

You have written one story. One film producer may like that story one day. Then he can produce a film on your story. Thus your story can talk in front of the world.Creator does not mean that he /she has to create living thing. Creator may create anything(not destructive).

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

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