Birth Of Politics

Kamal is trying a lot to get a job. You know Kamal very well residing in your area. You know that he is good but not too good to get the job in your company. You have a very good relation with him. Kamal often meets with you for arranging an interview. On the other side, Bimal is a very good student and well deserved to get a job in your company. You have a very bad relation with him. Bimal is quite silent, not interactive and do not want anyone’s help.

What will you do then ?Maximum people who face this situation, will try to arrange the interview call for Kamal, not for Bimal. In this case, interaction takes the priority than knowledge. Do you not think that it is injustice? Though it is not at all problem for Bimal as he will find his job somewhere else.

Don’t you think that this is also one type of Politics? You are liking someone and helping him in so many directions, whereas you are not helping another person who is also good, but not talkative, can’t help you always. Is it not Politics ?

“Liking someone” is the main parameter which leads us towards politics.

Here, I will talk about two girls of 5 years old. They are studying in class UKG. They are Ipshita and Karuna. Ipsita is very good, brilliant but silent,polite. Sometimes if class teacher asks something, Ipsita did not reply though she has the correct answers. On the other side, Karuna is just opposite. She is very much talkative, but not good in studies. She always wishes her class teacher. She always gives responses in class teacher’s questions though the answer is wrong. While in the examination, grading is done, class teacher gives high grade to Karuna whereas it is deserved by Ipshita. Don’t you think that it is also a politics.

In Joint family, there are four sister in laws. Mother in law likes one sister in law who has given lot of jweallary during her wedding and gives costly gifts to her mother in law. But she does not listen to her mother in law always. She convinces her mother in law to get comfort. On the other hand, other three sister in laws are polite, listen to their mother in law. Mother in law don’t like them and often gets dissatisfied with them. Is this not a politics?

Politics has taken birth when civilization started growing. It is okay if it remains within a limit. When politics crosses it’s limit and does some harmful works with the help of violence, it becomes Poisonous.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless

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21 thoughts on “Birth Of Politics

  1. What you said is interpersonal skill. It is very important to get the job done. One may be brilliant, another not so brilliant but have a good relation with people, the second person stands better chance at break.

  2. Yes, it is. But I feel this is one type of necessary politics to survive. To polish others for getting the job done is a good politics if it does not harm others

  3. Yes, this is not harm. But if A reports negative things about B to their manager which are not true then definitely it is dirty politics

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