Jobless Scenario- Time to rethink in New way

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Our concern is about new generation who are currently studying in different field. Are you worrying thinking that after completing your course what you will do? Simultaneously, your parents are also worrying. your parents are spending so much money on you, so they have enough reason to worry.

But, it is you who can change the world and can bring happiness to your parents. Always use good, positive words in front of yourself and your parents. Think something in different way. There are so many things to be developed in Technology. Technology must improve but simultaneously you should observe the negative impact of any technology. There will be some negative sides in every technology. You should improve the Technology such a way so that controlling the negative sides are in your hands. Think something different out of Youtube, out of google. Apply your brain. Your brain has more power than that of a computer, Internets which were made by human being. Think about the ancient times when there was no computer, no internet, but there were so many great mathematicians like –Aryabhatta, Varahamihira. They had no scope, no facility that time. But for you, picture is opposite. And this is the reason, you can think more, but problem exists as you don’t want to think. Due to smartphone, you have lost your patience. You have to come out of laziness and keep patience.

Observe the difference between two kids- a kid who is growing with so many things such as smart phones, calculators etc. and another kid who has only necessary things for growing up. The kid who possesses no extra thing will become much active in every field than that of other kid. But, it does not mean that you will not use the smart technology. When you have it, you will use it for good purpose but not all the time. Keep some time for you only and spend that time with your brain, innovative ideas.

Best wishes to the new generation. You have to dream high. You have to compete in this world. You must get success.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful World together. God bless !


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20 thoughts on “Jobless Scenario- Time to rethink in New way

  1. I am speaking specially for India, I might be wrong yet, your wisdom is appreciated. Indians do not accept anything new, out of tradition, out of the stream ! It is disappointing. need to think before you do something creative. You should be capable mentally and physically before you going to do something different, beware of it…people may not going to accept it. Sorry, my aim is not to harm anyone, but my experience.

  2. Being 63 now, your thoughts take me through a lifetime of change. While technology adds so much to our lives, I appreciate the more simple times that I experienced in the 60s and early 70s.

  3. I think job that we are used to doing are unlikely to be sustainable for the number of people we have. Given 70% of jobs come from private sector, and private sector with a profit motive favors automation. Emphasis is going to shift on entrepreneurship. People should think of becoming job giver more and job seeker less.

  4. Ohh yes, but there is limit of jobs. Best performers will get it easily but the situation of the people who are better but not best is very tough. Getting a job will be very difficult

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