Take / Give Rest, Reduce Pollution

Taking rest is very essential in everyone’s life. If taking rest is important, then definitely giving rest is also equally important. Everyone takes rest on his/ her convenient way. Then to whom you will give rest ?You should give rest to those who are completely driven by you. It may be living one or may be non-living thing.

Can you guess for what I am talking here ? I am talking about our Mobile Phone.

How many of us allow our Mobile Phone to take rest ? Our Mobile Phone is also a machine. We regularly switch off our TV,Fans,Lights, Washing Machine etc. We install so many soft wares on our Mobile Phones and then we notice that it is being switched off automatically after continuous use of 2 years, it is being stopped working for some moments. Are not we facing these type of problems ?

When we face these type of problems, what do we do generally ? We buy a new one which is a great mistake for us and simultaneously great monetary profit for that business man who procures Mobile Phones. If at the age of 18, we buy one Mobile Phone and we survive till the age of 70, then how many Mobile Phones we have to buy ? It will be more than 25 numbers of Mobile Phones per person. How many of us return our old Mobile Phones to the shop keeper? I think – no one of us do this. Then where these old Phones are going – either at our stored room or we are giving to someone and then he/she stores in his/her store room. Ultimately, all old Mobile Phones are stored at our house only. How much are we contributing in polluting our environment ?

We can easily reduce this. What we have to do for this ? Let us switch off our Mobile Phones daily for 2-3 hours. Let us allow our Mobile Phones to sleep as we sleep daily. Let us think about the rest period of each machine. If we do this, life time of Mobile Phones will increase. Quantity of Mobile Phones used by a person will be drastically reduced. Thus load on environment will also be reduced and pollution will be reduced.

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