How it should be

Should a blogger go to the reader section for reading and commenting on other posts?
Should a blogger go to the site of those bloggers who likes or comments on his/her site?
Unfortunately both have side effects and this is the reason someone may think like this – “I am liking and commenting her posts everytime, but she never comments on my blogs” and feel disappointed.
Side effects of option 1:
If we always follow the reader section, there are chances of these facts to be held :
Blogger A always reads Bloggers B’s blogs and comments too. Blogger B always follows Reader section. Whenever Blogger B opens reader section, Blogger A’s posts are not visible. As time for writing the posts are not matching. As a result, B missed to comment on A’s blogs. But sometimes when A likes B’s reply on comments, B opens A’s blogs and also comments but not regularly as A does.
As B always follows reader section, B tries to read everyone’s blogs appearing on reader section that time. The posts which are easily understood and good, B never forgets to comment. But B always misses to comment on those bloggers who comment on his blogs and their posts are not appearing when B is engaged in reader section.
Option 2:
A always follows those bloggers who likes/comments on his blogs. As a result, sometimes it happens that whenever A opens his reader’s site, A notices that no new blogs are posted at his reader’s site. A clicks on the site and again returns back. A feels that time is simply wasted.
These are the reasons whichever we follow out of those two options, number of followers will not be equal to number of likes on someone’s post.
But what is the solution? Any suggestion?
I think that it is person’s choice. Opinion differs. Some bloggers write to make themselves happy. For these people, whether their readers comment or not, don’t matter to them. For some bloggers, have taken blogging as career. They are very busy in their own writing and try to give sometime for their readers. Some bloggers are constantly trying to make carrear in blogging, but finding it as difficult.
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

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28 thoughts on “How it should be

  1. First of all thanks Tanu mam for discussing this problem.
    As i think thank blogging is not a passion of any person, its a community to spread their knowledge to others and also take knowledge from others.
    But time is a main factor that’s why we missed our fellow bloggers blogs.
    My humble request to all bloggers that a blogger if he/she likes your post or comment it..then you have a responsibility to visit their site and like her/his post also comment on it.
    Sometimes some comments are not visible in your posts because that comments goes in Spam box in comment we should check our spam box regularly that any comments should not missed out.
    And one more thing…If any blogger follows your blog..then you must give a follow back to her/him and also visit their latest post and give your suggestion on it.
    From today, i will also do the same.
    Thanks Tanu mam 🙏

  2. But time is biggest problem… At least I can’t be able to do so always… Even sometimes, my mobile creates problem… I couldn’t able to reply all comments… Some comments move into spam box, regularway, I can’t check it… But once in a moth I check it. If someone have 2000 followers, how can he/she read /comment 1000 posts daily? It is really very tough to interact with everyone in regular basis.

  3. I think it’s important to reciprocate as far as possible. To me it is only polite. Some people seem to just be seeking ‘likes’ or trying to get attention. I find it quite disappointing to see likes on lots of different posts of mine from the same person all after one another, so that person obviously hasn’t read any of them. I’m a writer rather than a blogger, so maybe that’s why I feel particularly strongly about people liking but not reading. I’m not in it for the numbers though.

  4. I for one will not go to the post of a follower, who does not reciprocate my comments or likes. Blogging media works on reciprocation. One cannot be selfish!
    “No time” is not a valid reason 😀 All are professionals, yet finding time somehow!!

  5. I will be honest.There are bloggers who are so good and kind to you even when you make a mistake or have a different opinion and you will always respond to them and check out there posts.Others just like and so you don’t get interested in their work.

  6. Of course reciprocation. But sometimes I come across some posts and can’t refrain myself from commenting and don’t see whether other side is commenting on my post or not.

  7. How come are you telling this… have I missed anything ?Please let me know. I remembered I missed to reply one of your comment due to problem in my mobile. But now I have forgot which comment it was. Hope, you will help me… Mob theke aei comment taro reply dite pari ni…chesta korechhilam 2-3 bar… kintu post e dekhlam kono reply show hochhe na.

  8. I agree Tanusri. Time and the sheer volume of posts available to follow and then read makes fulfilling the need to stay in touch with different bloggers a challenge.

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