Occupation of Un-employed women should be Home-maker, not a House-wife.

Every building is a house. Every home is also a house. But all buildings are not home and all houses are not home. Houses become Home if woman wants to do it. Home is where love exists. Love exists where woman exists.
Why are some women(non working mothers) treated as a house – wife? Are those women not a house-wife, are those women who do the jobs at different organizations not a wife of someone ? I feel that all married women are a home – wife. Women are not only a home-wife, but also a home – maker. “House-wife” or “Home-wife” both have a very narrow meaning. “House-wife” word is a dependent word. It seems that their identity lies in being someone’s wife. Before marriage of a woman, will it be told that she is a House-daughter ?
“Home-maker” is a broad word. Responsibility of home-maker is huge. Creator of the big home – universe is God. Creator of small home is home-maker,a woman.
It is not necessary that home maker must be a woman. But it is very much necessary to possess some qualities to be a home maker, e.g- kindness, quality to forgive ,Polite and be violent if situation demands.
Being a good wife is also one of the charechtaristic of a home-maker. In a family, if husbands focus on earning money and wives focus on looking after family, nothing bad is lying here,but simultaneously wives should have capability or should be prepared for doing job if situation demands.
If hubands and wives both are earning money and giving priority in jobs, bonding in family reduces, kids suffer. This is the reason, maximum women give first priority to the family and give second priority to the jobs and some women give first priority to jobs and loose the love within a family. It is rarely found that some husbands give first priority in looking after family and kids. Simultaneously it is also rarely found that some women give first priority to family and get success in job life. Many women leave job either after getting married or after having children.
If you feel that for your child’s education, you have to leave job, leave the job. If in future, you feel lonely and you feel that you should do job, try to find out the job and do it. Whether you do job or not, you have to be a home maker. Home-maker should take care of her home completely. It does not mean that their duty is only to cook and feed their kids. Do all the things which will make the home complete, beautiful, happy. Before doing all these things, make yourself happy, otherwise you can’t be able to do such a noble work.
Home maker’s duty and God’s duty are same. One and only difference is God has to take care of the Universe and a home-maker has to take care of her home only.

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18 thoughts on “Occupation of Un-employed women should be Home-maker, not a House-wife.

  1. So true dear, a word homemaker is a suitable term to define the efforts women put into making her home happy and lively!!

  2. A good post. Although the term homemaker is sex-agnostic, but in almost in every case, it’s a woman. A homemaker is a person who can think beyond her daily routine activities, she is creative. I think of a homemaker as someone who desires to make her house a home for her family, whether she works outside of the home or not.
    Housewife is an old fashioned term that puts women down to bring nothing but ‘wives’ of somebody, and that way it takes away their identity, by defining them as the wife of their husband. I prefer to use homemaker rather than housewife.
    ‘Homemaker’ allows men too to be makers of the home, whereas ‘housewife’ (and patriarchy, basically) does not allow males this freedom. I feel that a homemaker (aka maker of the home), can be defined as someone who literally makes the house a home.

  3. Yes, house-wife is a old fashioned term and patriarchal term too.. House wife can’t be a occupation but home-maker can be a occupation

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