The Brilliant Grandmother

Written in response to prompt: What do you See? May 14/2019

Once upon a time, there was a boy lived with his grandmother in a hut. When he became 18 year’s old, grandmother told him – “Now, time has come and you have to do something so that you can take care of yourself as I am growing older and I will not be able to take care of you further.” Then the boy tried a lot for getting a job. First, he tried to run a small shop. But he faced a great amount of loss. Then, he tried to do clarical job in a school. After few months, he left the job. Then he got a job of personal assistant in a company, but he could not able to do this job more than two months. He got disappointed. He failed and failed.
Seeing his poor condition of mind, grandmother told him – “my dear grandson, have you come to know for what reason you could not be able to continue a job?”
The boy – “no, I can’t do anything. You have spent so much money on me. I got first division in class twelve but still I am worthless.”
The grandmother – “Nobody is worthless in this Universe. Problem is- you don’t take help of your eyes. Eyes are powerful tools. Not only you should watch what can be seen by everyone but also you should watch what can’t be seen by others.”
The boy-” I am not getting what are you telling. Please grandma, explain me in detail”.
Grandmother – ” God has given that power to everyone by which he/she can come to know what he/she loves, what are the strong points or weak points of him/her. Tell me what do you like to do?”
The boy – “I like to write very much. Will you see my writings?”
Grandmother smiled and told – “which are kept below the mattress?”
The boy- “How do you come to know?”
Grandmother – “I know because I want to know about you, my grandson. And where there is a will there is a way”.
The boy – “But, by my writing I can’t earn because I am not Shakespeare or Rabindranath Tagore”.
The Grandmother – “Don’t disrespect to your love. I have read your writings. I know that if you publish these writings, it will be enough for you to start earning.”
The boy – “Are you dreaming, my dear grandmother? It is not at all possible. There are more than one lakh writers in our country. But how many are becoming Rabindranath Tagore or Shakespeare?”
The grandmother – “can you see that plant where there is only one flower? It will be almost equal to a height of 10th floor building . Can you bring that flower for me?”
The boy – “But how can I bring that flower? I can’t climb so much. But there is one idea. I can search for a labor who is habituated in climbing so long building and a ladder too if the labor demands.”
The grandmother – “okay, I will wait. You search for a labor and a ladder and in the meantime I will start climbing on the stairs. Let us see who can get the flower first?”
The grandmother took some food and water in a pot and started climbing on the stairs. The boy left the hut to search for a labor . He went many people’s houses to get ladders. But no one had that type of long ladder. Even he didn’t find any labor too. After 5 days, he came back and saw the grandmother in their hut. The boy said – “So, you also couldn’t pluck that flower. I have also not got any labor and ladder, I am so sorry.”
The grandmother showed the flower and told – “Beta, the flower which you are seeing at the top, that is another one. The flower which is in my hand, is that flower which you saw that time. You have taken 5 days time. You avoided the path of hard working where success is guaranteed. You have chosen the comfortable path, your desire was not so strong as you don’t like that flower. I like that flower. These are the reasons I got it within few hours.
But you love writing very much. Love is there. Only thing you have to put is ‘ hard working’. When ‘love or strong desire’ and ‘hard working’ go side by side, Universe can’t stop him /her from getting success.
After plucking up the flower, another flower has taken that place. This means, after these failures, there are still chances which will give you success. So continue your hard working. Try to publish your writings. Oneday success must come to you. ”
Moral of the story : Hard Working with patience always leads success.

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16 thoughts on “The Brilliant Grandmother

  1. A well written story. This grandmother knew from her own life what she was trying to teach her grandson. This is a precious relationship, one of teaching patience and courage to climb our stairs to eventually reach the goal.

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