Best Friend of kids of Nuclear Family

I was disturbing my mother, by requesting her to play with me as it was sunday. My mother scolded me – “you must read your books or draw the pictures as I have lots of works, I can’t play with you right now”. She became angry with me. Father went for shopping. I got scared and left my house. I went to my favorite place where I could play with my most innocent friends. Before starting playing with them, I went to their mom-a big tree. I bowed down and told her – “Can I play with your kids grown up here, as I have no one to play and to share my pain?” She responded :- ” yeah, sure. Why not? But before playing, you must inform your own mother that you are here, else she will be worried”.
I replied :”No need to inform my mother, as she knows my favorite place to play with my most honest and innocent friends.”
I started playing with the weeds near to that big tree. As soon as I started playing, wind was blowing gently. Water was watching me and my friends silently. Whenever I feel playing, I come to this place.
My mother used to say: “In this era, in nuclear family, I feel better when my kid plays with saplings, plants, trees rather than waiting for other kids who are not at all interested in playing with nature.”
Suddenly I heard that my mother was calling. Before leaving my best place, best guardian(friend’s mother ), I bowed down to her again. I reached at my home and then saw this picture in my mother’s mobile.
My mother clicked the picture for that certain moment when I was bowing down to the big tree.

ยฉHรฉlรจne Vaillant

Written in response to prompt:

What Do You See? May 7, 2019

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

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  1. One of the best post so far i read, so touching and love the image, do you kindly give permission to re blog your post on my time line madam, i appreciate such kindness of grant permission, cheers. Happy mothers day and lots of affection to all lovely mothers there too. Cheers.

  2. My immense pleasure having your precious comments. Yes, of course you can.. But there is no reblog option. You can copy the link and can share it. Happy mother’s day. Cheers.. Stay blessed always.

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