Kids are very much Sensitive

Kids are amazing. We sometimes can’t give answers of their questions. They are too sensitive. She is just 6 years old. She cried a lot today just because her mother cooked fish today.
We both were taking lunch and all of a sudden, she beat me. I shouted. She told me – “How much pain you are feeling?” I replied – “Yes, I am not feeling good, but why did you beat me?” She told – “Can’t you understand the pain tolerated by the Fish?” I replied – ” But system is like this, if we don’t eat Fish, we will not get Protein enough and we are eating rice which comes from trees. Trees also have life”
I tried a lot to convince her but everything were in vain. When I became silent, she started crying. Some rice she already ate before crying and she vomited that rice because of crying. I became helpless. I promised her – “Okay , I will not cook fish anymore.” But I know – I can’t keep this promise. Only for controlling the situation, I told a lie.
Here, I taught her how to tell a lie. Here I became silent when she was arguing. But she was not wrong. My explanation was also not wrong. Ultimately I replied her – “God will make you understood, wait for 3-4 years more”.
Was my answer okay? In this situation, what will be your answer?
Here photo is of my daughter.

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33 thoughts on “Kids are very much Sensitive

  1. The thought of that child haunts me when I was a child too. It was in bit different perspective. I was so sad thinking, if we kill & cook a fish, in addition to what that fish suffers, whether it’s beloved ones become sad or not? This made me to say against making fish & meat. But as a grown up now such thoughts never visit me. It may be because, as Wordsworth told in one of his poetry, loss of innocence as we grew up. That child will definitely come out of this thoughts in the future life & the answer you gave now is apt for the present situation. 😊😊🤗

  2. Absolutely correct, we only create the problems within kids. They are innocent, they believe what we say but gradually they understand the differences, reality.

  3. Child is very sensitive and she might have learnt this in school. She right about pain felt by a fish, or for that matter any animal or plant we sacrifice for our eating pleasure. When she is adult, she can give up eating animal flesh. What about plants? Plants are living too. I think she has to make a compromise not to inflict injury unnecessarily. Take or eat or sacrifice only as much is necessary.

  4. Thanks dear for sharing your views. Yes it is so true that there is loss of innocence as we grow up. I did not remember about my thought in this regard in my childhood. But even today also I feel sad when I see Goats are waiting for giving their body for our food.

  5. Yes.. That’s what I tried to explain her about plants. I couldn’t able to convince her. She does not eat non veg items. But I insist her as it is required for our health. Sometimes, it becomes very difficult to handle the situation with kids…
    Thank you very much 🙏 for sharing your opinion on this topic… Hv a great day!

  6. That is an interesting point. I gave up eating meat as a kid, thankfully I was very very stubborn, because of the pain that I witnessed, and I have remained a vegetarian ever since. But I am always asked why do I inflict pain on plants then? I wish I had an answer.

  7. Jain Munis give up food slowly as they decide to give up life. Without food one cannot live. Be it plant or animal all are living,that is the way of life. We should not kill unnecessarily for consumption. Earlier time, and even now in some cultures, before taking a life one worships and begs forgiveness. We need to inculcate such an attitude at least. Another approach is growing meat on plate or in a tank. Work is on in that front.

  8. Your daughter is very beautiful. 🙂 I think the way she does about the fish and other animals. But I also understand your point, we need protein. I don’t know what I would have said in your place. This is a very difficult situation. Hopefully, she will understand when she is older. God bless.

  9. Dear friend,
    As a vegetarian I fully understand it – My daughter told me when she was younger that her girl-friend was living on a farm and she used to play with a sweet jumping bunny. The bunny was her friend. Some it disappeared and was put to the table to eat it – when she got to know it: she said to her parents why did kill my friend, it feels the same pain as we feel and now I shall eat my friend? – she too became a friend – from the karmic point of view everything has a reaction in the sense of cause and effect, so whatever we eat: it comes back with a reaction – however, there is a big difference between fish or meat and vegetarian food – meat, chicken, fish is already dead when eating while plants, even when you cut it, is stilling living food. When Sant Kirpal Singh, an Indian Sant, was a small boy his father wanted him to eat meat, but he refused it from the beginning on and said: I do not want to make my body a grave when eating dead food.” In fact, there are many possibilities to compensate and get enough proteins: all kind of pulses such as beans, lentils, peas, and some milk products offer enough proteins for the body, beside soya and tofu. We can also see that in India many millions of Hindus are vegetarians and their children are ok too.
    Of course, this does not mean that I am against your education as you are alone responsible for what you give to your daughter – isn’t it so that often we do things out of tradition, as we have learned it from our parents? But there are also many things that are hidden from our eyes and our understanding which direct us to other points of views.
    I which you all the best to handle this situation.
    Thanks for sharing, dear friend.
    All the best

  10. Wow!!!! So warm was the exchange between you and her.To some extent I totally understand her,I used to dislike fish totally,not that I like it Today,nope,I was around 7 when I started disliking fish and would rather go hungry than eat fish.Used to vomit all of it and my then granny thought I was being a brat.They forced me to eat it without any explanations,neither could I eat food cooked in Dhania(Coriander leaves),at least with the coriander I developed a liking but the fish,that relationship backfired.For me the smell is unbearable and everytime the fish hits my tongue,my whole system cringes…. I am sorry she feels the same for now!!! Maybe she will come to terms with it but maybe just like me 24 years later she won’t.Who knows….??

  11. But we should take fish, eggs for our health. I don’t feel guilty here as this system is done by God. Tiger kills deer, deer takes grass. But still today also, I feel sad when some goats wait for giving their life for our food. I rarely eat meat. My daughter was telling to scold the shop keepers who sells fish and meat. He he he… It is not at all possible.

  12. Yes, me too think that when she will be matured, she will prefer to be vegetarian.. Me too was same but after marriage, I changed.. Thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts here.. Hv a great day 😃 🙏

  13. Yes, earlier me too prefer to be vagitarian. Now after marriage, i changed. Even my parents ar disciples of Sri Bijoykrishna Goswami. They are vegetarian but they take fish without onion and garlic. My mother’s house is completely vegetarian as they are disciples of Sri Anukulchandra Thakur. I think when my daughter will grow up, she will choose the right one. Thank you very much Didi for sharing your opinion here… I an late to reply as it was in my spam folder. Hv a great day..

  14. Thanks for your answer, dear friend 🙂
    This happens also to me that normal comments land in my spam folder and if you do not think of it you easily oversee those comments.
    Yes, everyone has to decide himself or herself about what to eat.
    Have a nice Sunday, dear Tanusri sen

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