Best Birthday Gift- A Short Story


In response to Helene’s weekly challenge What do you see ? Here I am presenting one short story on “Best Birthday Gift”.

Leena and Tina are two sisters. Their financial condition is very poor. They have seen from their childhood that some of their friends celebrate their birthday so beautifully that the entire colony remember the day.

Tina : Didi, my friend’s birthday is there in the evening today. She has invited me for attending her birthday. I don’t want to attend. Every year, I attend so many birthday parties of my friends.My all friends bring so costly gifts. I give only pen,pencil box,color pencils only.

Leena : So what dear ? did anybody tell you something regarding this ?

Tina : No one said anything. But I feel bad as I never call them to my house.

Leena : Your friends understand our situation. Is it possible for us to arrange such a huge birthday party ?

Tina : I know didi, it is not possible. But what will happen if I don’t go to attend the birthday party.

Leena : Priya is your best friend. If you don’t go to the party, she will not feel good.

Still Tina did not agree to attend the party. It was 7 p.m in the evening. Leena again told her to go. Tina did not attend. It was 8.30 p.m ,someone knocked the door. Leena opened the door.

Leena :Priya,Wish you a very happy birthday. But you are here in this time !

Priya : Didi, where is Tina ? Why she has not come to my birthday ? Have I done anything wrong with her? I can’t cut my birthday cake without her. All my friends are waiting at my house for me and I am waiting for Tina.

Tina and Priya both are very good friends. Priya is from middle class family. Tina’s family is lying below poverty line. Tina is very intelligent. They are studying at class seven. When Priya can not able to solve some numerical problems, Tina easily solve it. Tina loves to study very much. Tina feels that the most precious gift to her is that she is here to solve mathematical problems. But today, she is upset as she wanted to gift her best friend a costly gift, but she can’t.

Leena : She is in that room. You go and meet her.

Priya : No, didi. I will not meet her. I know why she does not want to come to my house.

Priya opened one box from her bag, the box was wrapped with silver color paper and tied up with ribbons . She gave this box to Leena and told : Didi, you take this and give it to Tina. A letter is there. Give it to her. She will understand. Tell her to come our house as early as possible.

Leena -What are you saying ? I can’t do this. It is not fair.

Priya – what is fair didi? Your younger sister is crying there alone in the room. Is it fair ? Has she done anything wrong ? If not, then why can’t she enjoy with us ?

Leena -I will convince her to attend the party. Your friends are waiting. You are being late. You go and I am telling Tina to go. (Priya left their house ).

Leena opened the box gently. Leena saw a letter with a “Mathematics Book”. In the Letter, it is written :

“Dear Tina,

My father had brought this book yesterday. You know that you are more than that of a mathematics book to me. In the book, only problems are there. But solutions are with you. This book , I am gifting you so that you can prepare the solutions for me. In this Box, you put your mathematics book which we both have solved already. you know that I need so many revisions. Though the book is old, it looks new as you have wrapped it so nicely yesterday after completion of the book. I need this book urgently. Then you bring this to my birthday. I am waiting for you. All of my friends are waiting. Without your presence, my lovely mathematics teacher, my best friend, I can’t cut my cake. This will be my best gift. Your presence along with your Mathematics book will enlighten my birthday.

From :Priya “

“Tina ! Tina !Read this letter and be ready for going to the birthday party. Where is your mathematics book? Give me. I am arranging the gift. You be ready”- said Leena.

Tina still hesitated for doing so after reading the letter.

Leena -:” Tina, do you know that this box has its value? Gift is gift only,which is to be given. It may happen that box is full of chocolates or full of hugs, loves, respect which can’t be seen by opening the box,but to whom you will give,he/she will feel that. So, It does not matter what it contains. To Priya, your book along with your presence is precious. Can’t you give that to her ?”

Then Tina agreed and left her house to join Priya’s Birthday.

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Jobless Scenario- Time to rethink in New way

image of job tension �র ছবির ফলাফল

Our concern is about new generation who are currently studying in different field. Are you worrying thinking that after completing your course what you will do? Simultaneously, your parents are also worrying. your parents are spending so much money on you, so they have enough reason to worry.

But, it is you who can change the world and can bring happiness to your parents. Always use good, positive words in front of yourself and your parents. Think something in different way. There are so many things to be developed in Technology. Technology must improve but simultaneously you should observe the negative impact of any technology. There will be some negative sides in every technology. You should improve the Technology such a way so that controlling the negative sides are in your hands. Think something different out of Youtube, out of google. Apply your brain. Your brain has more power than that of a computer, Internets which were made by human being. Think about the ancient times when there was no computer, no internet, but there were so many great mathematicians like –Aryabhatta, Varahamihira. They had no scope, no facility that time. But for you, picture is opposite. And this is the reason, you can think more, but problem exists as you don’t want to think. Due to smartphone, you have lost your patience. You have to come out of laziness and keep patience.

Observe the difference between two kids- a kid who is growing with so many things such as smart phones, calculators etc. and another kid who has only necessary things for growing up. The kid who possesses no extra thing will become much active in every field than that of other kid. But, it does not mean that you will not use the smart technology. When you have it, you will use it for good purpose but not all the time. Keep some time for you only and spend that time with your brain, innovative ideas.

Best wishes to the new generation. You have to dream high. You have to compete in this world. You must get success.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful World together. God bless !


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Life is a Chemistry

We can’t exist without our opposite form of energy. Even If I am ‘A’, a very very good woman, then definitely there must be ‘B’, a very very bad man staying in some other universes. A is completely opposite nature of B.

God of all universes, look after the equations of good and bad. If suddenly ‘A’ is changed from very very good to good woman, then ‘B’ must be changed from very very bad to ‘bad’ man. This power of good /bad is called valency.

A2=B2, where 2 is the power.

A1=B1, Where A1 is very good woman and B is very bad man

A=B, where A is good woman and B is bad man.

God is balancing the equations of all creatures by changing the valencies in both side of the equation.

We should take care of our opposite energy by recalling them in front of God – “ohh God, please bless me as well as my opposite energy so that both of us together can do a great work. Please don’t allow my opposite energy to do negative / destructive works.”

Pic courtesy : me😃

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School-Temple of Knowledge

Let’s make our school a safe place for all.
Saftey awareness- let us install
In everyone’s mind.
Every bad works should be punished, School is a temple of knowledge,
not a place to take revenge. Environment of school decides the future,
Provides immense power,
to the students – tomorrow’s backbone with the help of proper education. Education is most powerful weapon Let’s use it and let our school be safe, let it happen.
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

Take / Give Rest, Reduce Pollution

Taking rest is very essential in everyone’s life. If taking rest is important, then definitely giving rest is also equally important. Everyone takes rest on his/ her convenient way. Then to whom you will give rest ?You should give rest to those who are completely driven by you. It may be living one or may be non-living thing.

Can you guess for what I am talking here ? I am talking about our Mobile Phone.

How many of us allow our Mobile Phone to take rest ? Our Mobile Phone is also a machine. We regularly switch off our TV,Fans,Lights, Washing Machine etc. We install so many soft wares on our Mobile Phones and then we notice that it is being switched off automatically after continuous use of 2 years, it is being stopped working for some moments. Are not we facing these type of problems ?

When we face these type of problems, what do we do generally ? We buy a new one which is a great mistake for us and simultaneously great monetary profit for that business man who procures Mobile Phones. If at the age of 18, we buy one Mobile Phone and we survive till the age of 70, then how many Mobile Phones we have to buy ? It will be more than 25 numbers of Mobile Phones per person. How many of us return our old Mobile Phones to the shop keeper? I think – no one of us do this. Then where these old Phones are going – either at our stored room or we are giving to someone and then he/she stores in his/her store room. Ultimately, all old Mobile Phones are stored at our house only. How much are we contributing in polluting our environment ?

We can easily reduce this. What we have to do for this ? Let us switch off our Mobile Phones daily for 2-3 hours. Let us allow our Mobile Phones to sleep as we sleep daily. Let us think about the rest period of each machine. If we do this, life time of Mobile Phones will increase. Quantity of Mobile Phones used by a person will be drastically reduced. Thus load on environment will also be reduced and pollution will be reduced.