Best Birthday Gift- A Short Story

In response to Helene’s weekly challenge What do you see ? Here I am presenting one short story on “Best Birthday Gift”. Leena and Tina are two sisters. Their financial condition is very poor. They have seen from their childhood that some of their friends celebrate their birthday so beautifully that the entire colony remember the day.Continue reading “Best Birthday Gift- A Short Story”

Jobless Scenario- Time to rethink in New way

Our concern is about new generation who are currently studying in different field. Are you worrying thinking that after completing your course what you will do? Simultaneously, your parents are also worrying. your parents are spending so much money on you, so they have enough reason to worry. But, it is you who can changeContinue reading “Jobless Scenario- Time to rethink in New way”

School-Temple of Knowledge

Let’s make our school a safe place for all. Saftey awareness- let us install In everyone’s mind. Every bad works should be punished, School is a temple of knowledge, not a place to take revenge. Environment of school decides the future, Provides immense power, to the students – tomorrow’s backbone with the help of properContinue reading “School-Temple of Knowledge”

Take / Give Rest, Reduce Pollution

Taking rest is very essential in everyone’s life. If taking rest is important, then definitely giving rest is also equally important. Everyone takes rest on his/ her convenient way. Then to whom you will give rest ?You should give rest to those who are completely driven by you. It may be living one or mayContinue reading “Take / Give Rest, Reduce Pollution”