Universe always helps if there is strong desire for good reason.

Dear God,

You have given me a big responsibility to take care of the amount of Oxygen in this beautiful Universe. I am trying my best. The stem of my body is not able to give much oxygen. Then I planned to bring up some saplings on my dry stem. I have spread my branches even in the the abandoned land. I remember your inspirational messages which you had told me long back before giving me this responsibility -“If you have strong desire for some good reason, this universe will help you. If you feel that it is very difficult to grow as sun has not reached there, you keep trying,don’t give up. One day Sun will see your efforts and pains and then the rays of light required by you will enter through the gaps between the leaves”. I am writing this letter to inform you that we all are growing very nicely and rapidly. We are not at all feeling the lack of Sun rays. I feel that though sun is not being able to spread it’s rays of light here, it’s rays of blessings are here and We all can feel that.

I have not noticed the abandoned stone. One day it told me -“I am getting bored and I want to contribute something to nature. Can you help me in this regard ?” Suddenly I got one idea and I told moss to take the place of the abandoned stone so that we all together can give more oxygen and can make this place more beautiful. Now that stone also has become a part of my family. Plant,weeds,saplings and stones-these are my family members. We all are happy and grateful to you for giving me a big responsibility along with this beautiful place.

Thanking You,

From Tree Family

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43 thoughts on “Universe always helps if there is strong desire for good reason.

  1. Great post. Giving purpose and voice to the tree and the moss. You should link it to the original blog, Sue is the prompt giver.

  2. Tanusri, I enjoyed the beauty of nature, and how it all fits together. When I walk at a certain park, I am always amazed how the growth of Moss adds to the beauty and maintenance of the ecosystem.

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