Mobile phones – being our all time companion. How long do we spend with our mobile phone? If our mobile phones are snatched from us, can we survive? Actually, we have become dependent on our mobile. It is mobile phone through which we laugh, it is mobile phone which gives us happiness. It is mobile phone by which we spend both time and money. It is mobile phone which becomes a media of entertainment to our kids when they disturb us. Kids are being habituated with the mobile phones. When they are at their adulation period, some of them are being addicted to mobile phone very badly. If their parents don’t allow them to watch mobile phones, some of them become depressed.
Don’t we think that we are loosing our health due to long use of the mobile phones? Are we not loosing interactions with friends physically? Are we becoming “online human being” gradually? Have not we lost our emotions and shown online emotions only ?
We are gradually reducing our time with our spouse, kids, parents. Every person (age more than 18) have mobile phones nowadays. We are keeping our mobile phones too close to us, we are not keeping our kids so close to us. Is it fair?
One day, we may have to see that babies are growing like maintenance of machines and they will have no requirement of their parents rather they will have a need of mobile phones and other electronic devices. Then, the beauty of feelings will be lost and thus we will loose the beauty of living.
Let us be away from mobile at least two hours in a day(except sleeping time). Let us spend that two hours time by meeting with neighbors and family, friends etc. Let us utilize that time with nature. Let us use our mobile phone for good reason and let us not to be addicted.

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29 thoughts on “Mobile

  1. I totally agree Tanusri. We need to disconnect the link between ourselves and devices so that we can experience more in our lives: interact with people, walk with nature (listen to its sounds), read a book, and anything else that can replace the need to be on that device.

  2. So days we are so addicted to mobile that we’re starting to lack genuine contact with each other. People are connecting more and more across screens rather than in person, and this addiction is causing so many mental issues among kids and teens.

  3. Its reality, its a very very important for our future generations, little baby also becoming addicted, we, parents can change this, I think its a threat to the new generation.
    They can use mobile, but they should not be addicted.

  4. Mobile is like a drug.
    Earlier, children were controlled by their parents. But nowadays, children were controlled by notification soundsπŸ˜₯

  5. Yes, but the things are changed. It is very difficult to refrain us from the technology. Thank you for reading and commenting πŸ˜ƒ πŸ™

  6. Excessive use of mobile phones causes seriously many bad side effects. Mainly due to the transmitting microwaves from mobile phones. This is mainly due to we are using mobile phones irresponsibly. Some times we are calling to someone without any reason.Β  The mobile phone makes us feel tired and restless. But unfortunately, we don’t understand that the main reason for it is the mobile phone in our pocket. Now it is a better time to find out the negative effects of the mobile phone.

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