Don't Stay away from Negative minded people, rather stay away from negativity.

When someone we know suffers from a disease ( Let it be infectious or not), what do we do? Do we stop talking with him/her? If the person belongs to our family/good friends, we never stop talking with him/her instead we try to talk more to take his/her news about health.
I feel that the persons who always thinks about negative things, are also patient – a type of mental patient. Do we have less confidence about our positivity? Is it the reason that we all want to be away from Negative minded people?
If we all stay away from Negative minded people, who will treat them? I feel that a person who suffers from lack of confidence, who does not know how to be happy, who always looks at bad sides of life is of negative minded.
So, let us be with them but not be with their negative attitude. Let us teach them how to point out the positive side of life. Let us explain them that the most happiest person’s life is also full of sufferings. Let us inform them that nobody is happy truly but everyone pretends to be happy and some of them then become really happy after long time of pretending. Let us show them that the real happiness comes to someone when he/she gives it to someone. Let us inform them that real happiness comes when someone believes that God/The Almighty /The Creator is the judge to give prize/punishment according to someone’s actions. Let us teach them how to ignore the small things which causes problems in our life.
God has created the positive minded people in such a way that they have enough strength to cure the disease of Negativity from negative minded people. We, the postive minded people’s responsibility to take care of the balance people who take bath within Negativity.

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36 Replies to “Don't Stay away from Negative minded people, rather stay away from negativity.”

  1. This post is of great worth in present society as the attitude of positive minded people in treating negative people seems harsh nowadays. Those people who believes themselves as positive couldn’t acknowledge that those negative peoples are not negatives by birth but are made so, may be because of some mental abnormalities. I like the way you made it.. don’t stay away from negative minded people rather stay away from negativity. Thank for sharing. Do give such psychological gem more. Readers will be really interested.

  2. Hey, really I am being so happy after reading your comments.. It is inspiring me more. It is 100% true I believe if some positive minded person wants to stay away from Negative minded people, then he/she is not 100% positive minded… God has made some poeple positive minded and expects that balance people will be converted into positive minded by them…

  3. I hear what you are saying but that is a difficult task because in my life if I don’t stay away from negative minded people I will therefore be in the midst of negativity.

  4. I know that it is not a easy thing. But in that case it means we have doubt in our positive strength… Isn’t it? At least we have to try to convert one negative person into a positive person. Then we will feel proud of our positive strength. We will become more positive minded.

  5. Its not about having doubt in my positive strength. At 68 I have learnt from life’s experience you cannot change or convert people. I have learnt even though I do not like negative behaviour I have to accept people as they are. I have also learnt for me it is best not to mix with toxic people.

  6. After reading this wonderful as well as inspirational post one couplet in my mind.
    Nazar Ko Badlo To Nazare Badal Jate Hai,
    Soch Ko Badlo To Sitare Badal Jate Hai,
    Kashtiya Badal ne ki jarurat nahi,
    Disha Ko Badlo to Kinare Khud-b Khud badal jate hai.

  7. But at least once we have to try… Even I have seen if someone hears motivational speech, something works in his/her body which converted himself /herself into positive minded slowly

  8. Love this post! ❀️
    Yes dear positivity is contagious! We can be the one to start a ripple effect that impacts others! πŸ’–

  9. Yes. Me too feel so. Even I feel it is our responsibility too… Am very happy to know your thoughts at this platform… Hav a nice day, Sir… πŸ˜ƒ πŸ™

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