Blogging care for Serious Blogger #4

I have seen many bloggers who have very nice blogs as well as more than 500 followers. But their nice blogs get only 2-3 numbers ‘likes’ and may be few numbers ‘views’. I wondered. So nice post it is! Then why does he/she gets so less viewers? After thinking a while, I got the answers.
Have you possessed a big flat? The inside beauty of the flat is awesome, mind blowing. Have you decorated your flat only for you or do you want to show it’s beauty to your relatives and friends? But, unfortunately nobody visits your house as you are too busy to visit your relative’s house. How will you feel then?
Think in another way. You are visiting other’s house and getting nice ideas and implementing those at your house. People are also visiting your house, giving you lots of appreciation and taking your ideas. How will you feel?
Of course, you will feel better in second option of the thinkings.
Similary, this happens in blogging also. Treat blogging as online house. If you don’t visit and appreciate others online house, you will not get appreciation,you will not get visitors. Don’t say that you have decorated your house only to satisfy you. Don’t say that you don’t need appreciation. Don’t say that you don’t need visitors.
Some people are saying that – “I decorate my house only for myself”. I am not telling that he/she is telling a lie. But they are telling their instant feelings. May be for sometime, they are being happy in satisfying themselves. But this good feelings don’t exist for the long time. The feelings someone gets after receiving compliments stay for long periods and can lead your mind in good direction.
It is true that some great bloggers don’t like/comment often on others blogs. I feel that the reason behind this is lack of time. Simultaneously, I believe that they read your post, they collect the ideas/theme of your blog. Thus, number of viewers and number of likes are not matching.
So, if you don’t have much time to read others blogs, just open the blogs, read the theme to collect the ideas. It is not necessary to comment every time. But it is very necessary to click on “like” button, otherwise how that blogger will recognize that you have read his/her blogs.
It is like – “Door was opening in a house and you entered into the house and then left the house without meeting the person of the house”.
It is like- you went to a house, visited through windows and did not press the calling bell and returned back to your house. How will he/she understand that you have gone too visit his/her house?
So, if you want to increase number of viewers, be a visitor first. What you expect, give it same first. It is not – “Take and Give”, rather it is “Give and take”.
Best wishes for getting more visitors for your blog-house.

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64 thoughts on “Blogging care for Serious Blogger #4

  1. Haha, this is so true I wrote about this on Monday, a lot of people follow me without even liking any posts which I don’t understand at all. Great post and hopefully it will help some people understand πŸ˜€

  2. But you know, some of them never repay the visit! They want a visit and appreciation, but not ready to repay that visit πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  3. Excellent! I don’t understand people who will relish in the appreciation and compliments on their blogs and neglect to even read and comment on another’s blog.
    Reciprocity, baby! If you show me love, I will always return the favor. If I’m constantly commenting and liking your stuff and you don’t take the time to do the same for me I won’t bothering your stuff anymore. Your time isn’t more valuable than mine.

  4. Yes, but I am not blaming anyone here. As I personally feel, some are not doing intentionally,may be missing their friend’s post due to huge number of followers. Anyway, thanks my friend…

  5. Yes, I understand. But I am not blaming someone in my this post. What I felt, I have written… I thought it is reciprocal. Anyway, thank you so much mam. I am so happy seeing you here… Wish you a happy weekend.

  6. Right… But sometimes, some people may miss others post due to huge number of followers as I believe.. So I am not blaming anyone here… Anyway your comment means a lot to me, mam… Wish you a very happy weekend ahead..

  7. I agree with you. If we appreciate others and take time to read others’ posts and collect ideas, it’s likely that they will also visit our blogs and read. It’s give and take really ☺️

  8. This is the reason I get very less views… I understand but i try as much as possible to read and comment.. 10am to 6 pm job and then looking after kid… I feel difficulties in managing time… Now my kid is in class one, when kid will be at class five, I may hv to leave blogging….

  9. πŸ™‚ Well, to put it simply, it is all about reciprocation. I have made it a habit of mines to visit the blogs of my fellow bloggers and they visit my blog, leave likes and lots of comments.
    Blogging is community-oriented and not a one man’s island!

  10. I agree and try to visit those who take the time to like my post. I would love to visit everyone’s blog but It can take quite a bit of time.

  11. These are the must-do things you mentioned here. I want to give my example too. I have been busy with my world for which for a longer time I could not be able to post blog. Today I logged in and not trying to write something but just exploring the blissful creativity of my mate bloggers without whose support I am nothing.

  12. Those ‘likes’ are so important. If someone likes one of my posts, I try to go over to their site and read what they are writing and like their post also. Sometimes I get busy and it may be a while before I respond, but eventually I get there.

  13. Yes, it is very important to appreciate others by clicking on like or by commenting… But me too can’t able to do so in time due to lack of time…it become late, but I do it… Happy blogging

  14. Great Job Debajit. At least sometimes we should do something for others. Thank you for reading and commenting πŸ˜ƒ πŸ™.. Happy sunday. Stay blessed

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