God and Evil

Do you believe in God? Then you must believe in Evil. Due to existence of Evil, we can distinguish the existence of God. Do you know that God and Evil both are existing in our mind? Here, God means good mind, positive mind, kind hearted mind. Evil mean bad mind, dirty mind, negative mind etc. This universe has given you the power to regulate both minds-good and bad. Now it is You who will decide to whom you will give priority – God or Evil?
God is constantly trying to defeat the Evil. To someone, in a day, God is winning 12 times whereas evil is winning 3 times. To someone, the picture is opposite-God is winning 3 times and Evil is winning 12 times and these people are negative minded, don’t believe in positive power, don’t believe in constructive ideas rather like to play with negative thoughts and love to destroy. Think about God’s situation :This universe/ supreme power /God is trying best to make those negative minded people win in the positive direction, but these people are laughing at God and are walking with Evil and thus become blind and can’t choose which one is good.
Treat the negative mind prevailing in you as Evil and kill it by inhaling meditation, exercise, reading motivational articles – mental medicines.
Once, I have watched a movie – “Spider”. There it is shown : one kid loves killing people and when people are crying, kid is laughing. Oneday, that villagers come to know that some people died not because of disease or accidents but because of this kid. Villagers leave that village and starts living in a new place. But sudden death is still happening. After long years, this kid is no more kid, but becomes a villain. Simultaneously, there exists one hero who is constantly trying to find out the cause of death. He is very much sure that he only can kill that villain , he has to kill him, there is no other way. He has to save the people. At the end, hero becomes successful in killing the villain.
Exactly this happens in our mind. We have to keep trying to kill our evil staying in our mind. People are dying not because of disease, accidents but because of existence of evil in people’s mind.
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world. God Bless.
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26 thoughts on “God and Evil

  1. Is there a separate good and evil? What if good and evil are relative and are not quantitatively different expression of the same principle? What is good for one may be bad for another.

  2. Tanusri, nice post. But want to point out one thought. The Vedic civilisation does not believe in evil. It’s believes in Karma alone. It is karma which decided the direction if our life and even God does not interfere in its cycle. So we have good and bad. But both are relative terms.

  3. Its really nice article. We have both Positive & Negative Mind. You have rightly cited the example SPIDER. True fact. Thanks.

  4. Right… But if we think about mind, i think in everyone’s mind positive and negative both thoughts play more or less… Thank you for visiting ๐Ÿ˜ƒ ๐Ÿ™

  5. Ok… Agreed.. Here I plotted god and Evil’s role in our mind. Thinking positive is god and thinking negative is evil.. I think in many people’s mind positive and negative both thoughts play more or less… Thank you for visiting ๐Ÿ˜ƒ ๐Ÿ™

  6. What you are saying…its true partially ..it is true when good and bad are relative but not in all cases. If I feel good by making other’s harm (amount -large)…then that is not good to me rather that will be treated as bad work. Thank you for sharing your views here.Have a nice day !

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