'Giving a minimum time to God' should be our daily activity

When someone is taking two-three months leave from his/her office, colleagues remember him/her till the time colleagues are dependent on him/her for the office works. When there is no dependancy for work, colleagues forget him/her. When you continue your writing, commenting on other’s blogs, you have interaction with other bloggers. As soon as you will stop writing and stop commenting, other bloggers will forget you.
Exactly, this is happened when someone forget to pray or forget to have a conversation with God. There is an overflow of human beings, so there exists an overflow of prayers. So if you stop praying, if you stop giving 10-15 minutes time to God, you will miss the opportunities God has kept for you.
If you write 4-5 posts daily on wordpress and like/comment on other’s blogs frequently, communication between you and other bloggers become strong, attractive. As a result, you will get appreciation and will be inspired to write more.
Similarly, we should keep at least 5 minutes conversations with God daily. Then communication between God and us will be alive. If we can give more time to our God, then communication between God and us will be powerful, we will be feeling energetic and happier.
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless!

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23 thoughts on “'Giving a minimum time to God' should be our daily activity

  1. Yes, God loves it when we pray to him and praise him for what we have received. I love God and His only Begotton son Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost.

  2. Truly said… You just gave the best example in blogging itself..
    True that if there is a gap in conversation people will be forgotten…

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