Is money everything? What does money do? Money helps us in buying the things which we require for our basic needs, comfort and luxury. Basic needs means a good shelter, good food, good dress. Definition of comfort varies from person to person. Choices of the three basic needs (shelter, food and dress) vary from one to another. It is okay to choose these as we should feel comfortable in our life. But there must be control in our luxury things depending on our earning.
We give importance to luxurious life and spend a huge money for getting this. Simultaneously, we forget our health, we forget our healthy life style.
Is healthy lifestyle costlier? Many people used to smoke/drink and spend a lot of money on these items. If I say them to join Yoga, to do exercise, to take a healthy breakfast which cost very less, people used to refuse. People used to go to restaurants twice in a week and spend huge money each time and after few years spend a lot of money on medicines.
Don’t compromise on your health care system for saving money. Money can be saved in many directions. For this, you have to think and cut expenses in other directions except health. Remember, we earn money to keep our body healthy and for happiness not for luxury, not for temporary happiness.
People are sick and that’s why run behind the temporary happiness and thus many people spend money on alcohol, cigarettes, fast foods etc. This happiness exists for some moments for few years. Then, after few years, spending money in wrong ways make you be hospitalized, make you spend more money on medicines, help you in deteriorating day by day. All these help your mind immersing in sadness.
Don’t spend money for today’s happiness only, spend it for longterm happiness. Spend it for giving yourself and your family members a good health and positive mind.
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.
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13 Replies to “Money”

  1. You have some very good advice here! I used to spend a lot of money on things like eating out most days, but for what? Now I choose a healthy way by eating at home mostly and spending money wisely. Enjoyed your post very much!

  2. Great post! I have just realized the importance of spending wisely, and now I’ve started saving money! I completely agree with you that there must be control on luxury depending on our earning. Sometimes we really need the discipline to say no to those temptations. Enjoyed reading it!

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