Be the Best version of you

Whatever you are, be the best out of that. If you are a housewife, be the best of housewives. How to be the best? Definitely by giving unconditional care and love towards yourself as well as your family members. Give as much as possible without neglecting yourself. Respect them with love without ignoring yourself. Love yourself first, love what you are doing.
If you are a mother, be the best mother. Do for your kids as much as you can along with proper care of your own health. Teach your kids, play with your kids and simultaneously be the boss at your office if you are doing job. But never do the bossism in your family on the members of the family. Cook the food in such a way that everyone of your family gets the best taste of the best healthy foods. This means love and care will flow in your every actions.
Now, for men:
If you are an unmarried man, be the best son of your parents by looking after your parents, by digging yourself to know what job will suit you best. If you are a husband of someone, be the best husband in the world by giving your utmost love, respect and care. If your better half is house wife, be the best financial manager of the family. If you are a father, be the best father by taking care financial needs of your children with love and good feelings.
In maximam cases, the families are of nuclear family. There are parents and one – two children.
Out of these, there are cases where the woman is not working and another case where the woman is working.
Case I: Let him handle total financial issues, let him distribute the financial funds in different required areas. Let him think about savings for future, let him plan for savings, let him think and plan about the funds require for your children’s education.
Let her be the best cook in the family, let her be the best teacher of the children of the family, let her be the best friend of your kids. Let her be the best lover in the family by showing her immense care towards her family. Let her be the medicine of the family by making your family members laugh daily.
Case II: both are working. Let him be the good helper while she is cooking. Let her look after the financial funds require for daily needs. Let him handle the savings for future and decide the amount to be taken from her salary (if possible through mutual understanding). Let her teach the children while let him join the session sometimes. In this case, let him and her share and divide the entire works by mutual understanding mixed with love and care.
Ultimately, let him be the accountant of the family and handle the entire financial issues so that the family can remain straight and strong and let her be the owner of the company who will look after and solve the problems of the family members. Let him give the details of the expenditure to her as She can manage a family better and this is the reason she is the owner. Accountant always worked under owner of the companyπŸ˜ƒ. Here, you both put ‘mutual understanding’, ‘love’, ‘care’, ‘humor’ in your family, then no one of you have to work under other,both of you will work together, both of you will be owner of the family, both of you will walk side by side.
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.
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