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If one day money dies or moves some other Planet -say Mars,what will happen then ? Do all the people move to the Planet -Mars ? Just imagine, if the people of entire world move along with Money to Mars, what will happen to this Earth ? I feel Earth will be beautiful then. Of course, some people could not able to move along with Money, as they are ordinary or they don’t have any interest in money. They have their own land where lot of vegetables grow every year. But there will be nobody for buying their vegetables. Will it be a problem ? No, not at all. There will be no requirement for selling anything because population will be drastically reduced and as there will be no existence of money, there will be no race for earning money. It will be a kingdom of peace only. It will be a heaven then.

Money always creates problem. Money always creates disturbances between brothers and sisters. Due to imbalance of money within people, someone gets good treatment and someone does not. It is the death of Money which can make everyone happy, which can make a beautiful world where there is no riot, no unhappiness and the people will be completely dependent on God and Nature. Then, there will be no cutting of trees, there will be no impurities. We all will be a good friend of Nature.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful World together. God bless !

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8 Replies to “DEATH OF MONEY”

  1. Nice imagination, But I want death of inhuman nature which can solve all problems….. which will not increase the distance between people, which can unite us, and make our beautiful world peaceful.

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