Mind also follows universal rule

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Have you observed your mind very carefully ?can it be empty any time?

Empty mind means there should not be any flow of words, there should not be any type of thinking.

As there is no existence of vacuum in this universe and vacuum can be created by some mechanical arrangement, similarly, mind also can’t be empty. But it is very necessary to make mind empty sometimes. Empty mind increases efficiency in thinking. Bot how is it possible ? How can we make our mind empty ? Definitely by some special arrangement named meditation, we can create vacuum in our mind.

Hence, mind also follows the universal rule. you may observe the existence of varieties within the minds – some minds are restless and some are thinking less, but you will never see empty mind without performing any special arrangement. Variety in anything makes the thing beautiful  and for creating vacuum mind,you need to take necessary action. Everyone obey the universal laws even mind too.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful World together. God Bless.

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10 thoughts on “Mind also follows universal rule

  1. Mental activity is the outcome of neutrons talking to each other. The fact that mind is empty, itself is a thought and activity. I think one can dissociate one from mental activity loop, while mind keeps on working on its own.

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