Tips for not getting distracted to remove exam fear: for Students

It becomes a normal practice for students to take examination preparation just 10-15 days before examination. As a result, students are facing lot of problems:
1. They suffer from tension
2. They loose confidence
3. They get fear
4. They forget the known things
5. They become easily irritated
6. They feel” subject is very tough”.
7. They don’t get enough time to practice lot of numericals.
In engineering field, in each semester, two numbers class tests have been taken. During first class test, I asked one student – “why do you simply sit in the examination hall, have you not studied anything”? He replied – “Mam, nobody studying before first class test. We give importance on second class test only”. I got surprised at hearing this answer.
This is the average scenario of today’s students. After passing the class twelve examination, they get extra freedom as they become adult. Students know that after 18 years of age, their parents can’t force them to do something which they don’t like. Students misuse this freedom.
Here, I am going to give some tips so that Students don’t become distracted from their studies:
1. Maintain a routine. Trust me this will help you entire life. If this entire universe can maintain a routine, why can’t you?
Within routine, you must keep sometimes for enjoying with friends, keep some time for entertainment, keep some time for outdoor games. If you keep all these things in your routine, you will get interest in following the routine.
2. After focusing all above, you keep at least one hour time for study only. I understand your tough situation as you have to travel daily for going to college. I am giving one example here :
Say, College gets closed at 5 p.m. You will reach home by 6 p.m. 6p.m to 7 p.m must be with friends for outdoor games and during weekend go for movies at afternoon. After 7 p.m to 7.30p.m-talk with family members, take healthy food. 7.30p.m to 9 p.m – you must be attentive in your study. 9 p.m to 10 p.m-dinner and enjoying with family. 10-10.30p.m – do whatever you like, spend this time with your hobby. 10.30p.m to 10.45 p.m – do meditation. Within 10.45p.m to 11p.m sleep. Get up from bed within 6a.m to 6.15 a.m.Then do meditation from 6.15a.m to 6.30 a.m. Take heavy and healthy breakfast with your family /friends. 7 a.m to 8a.m – study( do the homeworks given by college). Be ready for going to college within 8 to 8.30 a.m. Carry some foods with you always. Parents should help or guide their children in maintaining good food habits.
3. I understand that it is very easy to make the routine rather than following it. But trust me, if you give 15 minutes time for meditation on regular basis in morning and another 15 minutes before going to bed at night, you will get cosmic power within yourself. It will be very easy to maintain the routine then.
4. Food : As without fuel and air no power plant works, similarly without food and water no human body runs properly. Maintain a healthy food plan. Drink lots of water daily. It helps in filtering our body.
5. Outdoor games : Must need for all students. Muscles being energetic. When body and mind both becomes perfect, cosmic power will be developed within you due to meditation, which will lead you in right path.
6. Talk with your family members daily. Tell them that you are doing meditation and you are maintaining a healthy food plan, as a result you are getting more energy. Share your joy with them. Laugh with them.
My dear students, from rightnow, you try to follow this. Then after 10-14 days you tell me your opinions on my tips.
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.


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24 thoughts on “Tips for not getting distracted to remove exam fear: for Students

  1. Quite useful tips. Examinations are really challenging situation for today’s students due to cutthroat competition and increasing family and pear pressure. Maintaining the correct attitude during this period is important.

  2. Maintaining a routine is important. It eases a lot of tension. But students, not all but many, study only before exam. I think no fail policy till class nine has created monsters. Forget college students, I can’t force my daughter to sit with book. At the end of the day from book to brain part, no one can help even one stands with a gun.

  3. Our exam patterns aren’t well designed. In western countries, especially in the USA, they lay more importance to MCQ they call it quizzes. There are graded assignments. They have graded discussion forums. Learning is challenging yet rewarding. I pity our students. We stress them lot.

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