Part-II : Tips for not getting distracted to remove exam fear :for students and parents

In my previous post, in part-I, I have given some tips to students for not getting distracted from study. The students who are adult, who are college students, for them it is easy to maintain. College students become hungry for getting job, as they know after some years they will get the degree and some of their friends will get good jobs and they will suffer from depression if they don’t get jobs. Though, they have not maintained any routine in their school life, they will maintain the routine, at least they will try to maintain their routine at college life due to hunger for jobs. You may call this also last minute preparation because till class 12,they have not studied properly and when requirements of job is knocking, they are trying to maintain the routine. As a result, it becomes very difficult to get job for these type of students. The students who still face difficulties in maintaining routine, I personally suggest them to give least time for study but you should give priority in maintaining it.
I personally feel it is easy to maintain the routine for school going students if their parents make them habituated from primary school level. Man is servant of Habits. It is very easy to control class one-two students. But it is parents who have to teach their children. Here are the tips:
Dear parents, how can you expect that your child will become punctual in studying , playing and sleeping? Are you punctual? Are you going office daily at same time? Are you coming back from office on same time? Are you getting up from bed on same time, even on Sunday also? Are you maintaining a healthy diet daily?
Dear parents, children like to imitate very much. They have very sharp brain. It is environment created by you (parents),makes your children disobedient. Are you ordering your children to study ? Do you force them ? This is not the way by which you can make your children attentive in study.
Be cool, keep patience. Sit beside your children. Take their syllabus. Talk with them about their friends,school and slowly convert this discussion into syllabus, one subject and then one chapter. Start this conversation in very positive way- ” You are so good, my dear child. I know that you have lots of friends. Will you please tell me your friends’ name ?” Then-“….this name is very nice. Who is your best friend ?have you shared your breakfast with your friends ?”….”I am sure, school teachers like you very much. You are so intelligent and this chapter already covered in your school ,am I right ?”…….”Okay,then can I talk with you only 20 minutes regarding this chapter ?”……..Then start asking question. If your child can’t able to answer then you should say-“No,my dear child. It is okay that you have given wrong answer. I am there, for correcting you…if you answer all questions correctly,then where is my role,my dear child ?”
Like this way daily you should spend with your child 20-30 minutes. Have you spent in this way ? Then, slowly you increase the time. When your child will be habituated at this, you change the routine. You tell them -“now,you are growing.You like in studying, right ? Today, I will be with you one hour. But you have to be with your books 15 minutes more. Hope, you will understand my dear child, I have lots of office work pending. Will you allow me to go for my office work/household works ?Only 15 minutes, I want you do self study. Tomorrow,we will discuss about your self study.” Again when your child will be habituated at this, increase the time period for self study.
It is not very easy for impatient people. You have to keep very much patience. Though your child will argue with you, but still you have to remain polite.
Have you played with your children when your children was 3-6 years old ?In today’s era,every child is being alone at house, father is at office and mother is at either office or at kitchen. There is only one child at house. No joint family, no uncle, no aunties, no brothers, no sisters. Children have only Smart phone,TV etc. All children want friends more than that of electronic gadgets. But it is you, parents who make their habits bad.
Right now, you can start making your child in this way and please let me know your opinions. Your comments will help me to think in new way.
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.


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