Era of Business

Every activity has been converted into business e.g. teaching,treatment of the patients,’puja’ etc. Long ago,40-50 years back,teacher-student relationship was like father-son. That time, girls were not so much educated in most of the states of India. The children whose parents were below poverty line, could not go to school. Present scenario has been changed drastically.

Teaching occupation was treated as a novel work. But at present, teaching also has been converted into a business. So many private schools, colleges has been established, but in every school and college, students’ marks or talent has not been judged rather his /her family background,smartness and the capability of offering the huge admission fees has been judged and these parameters decide whether the students will get chance for studying in that school / college. From Class Nursery to Class two, each year managing committee of School is changing the color of uniforms,color of school bags. These are wastage of money, tension of middle class parents !

Treating the ill people,a novel work has become a great business. Reception or billing section of any private hospital is very gorgeous in decoration and people are being attracted by this. After a certain period of time, people are getting the real picture of inside, people are being cheated. Nowadays, whoever can afford the money to start a new hospital, are opening it. Businessman knows that a huge profit lies in opening a new hospital ,where,customers are always available.

Last one but not the least, doing ‘Puja’ in temples have become a business. The Brahmans have no tension in case of seeking their occupation. In general, they are not suffering from a disease named “unemployment”. But, of course, exception always exists in every field !

In all these cases, negotiation occurs. Cost is increased and then discount is offered. People are being attracted by this new strategy.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.


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