No Tv, No Cartoons

“No Tv, no Cartoons” – said the Principal Madam of one school. To whom did she say like this? To the children of 5-10 years old and to their parents.
Is there anybody who said-“No production of cartoon films”? Who is producing these type of cartoon films? Definitely, not by someone who is below 18 years old. What a peculiar scenario exists in this world! You may produce poison, you may mix impurities in food, you may create something by which children will be badly effected and nobody will restrict you in doing these rather people will congratulate you for making high growth in your business. There will be alarming advertisements for not to use their food or not to be addicted in their products.
How many production centers are there in one state? How many production owners are there in one state? How many children are there in one state? Definitely, number of production owners will be less than that of number of children in any state. Which will be easy to stop :
1. To stop the production ( where production owner and managers are above 18 years old)?
2. To control the children (who are below 18 years old)?
Actually it is our Society’s bad habits to control on the weak persons. Nobody dare to give the punishment to those persons in the production field. It is very easy to control, to scold, to give punishment to the children as we know they are weak, they are very much dependent on their parents.
In this era, in maximum family there is single child. I have read many news where a student committed suicide just because his/her mother couldn’t allow him/her to watch Tv/Mobile. Can you imagine the condition of that parents? Why our society allow those producers to create such cartoons and odd films which are harmful to teenagers? Instead if those producers create tutorials on study materials with nice decoration along with nice music, do you think children will not watch? In this case, children will be compelled to watch and parents will feel relaxed.
Can that Principal madam tell at least any one producer to stop creating those cartoon films?
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.


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