Negative Emotions can make your level down #1

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Don’t welcome your negative emotions for long time. You may treat them as a man who delivers newspaper to your house. Take the newspaper,read everything including negative and sad news also. But allow your mind to look at the positive things.

Emotions often act as negative catalyst. These negative emotions can make your energy level down. You should have control key over your  negative emotions. Positive emotion is good for health and it makes you energetic.

When someone praises you, you will immediately be energised and become positive minded. Simultaneously, when someone criticizes you, you immediately feel bad. The control key of your feelings should not have with others. You should have control over your emotions.

Actually, both emotions are spontaneous feelings of individuals. Someone may provide this type of lecture very easily. But in reality, it is not so easy to control your emotions.

Then, what is the solution for controlling your negative emotions which are destroying you daily ? Is there no solution ? But positive minded people always think that every problem has solution.

Step 1: Daily early morning, before starting your work, tell yourself that you only can control your emotions, nobody else in this world can control your emotions. It is your emotions whatever it is positive or negative. If you laugh, you only feel good but you can’t be sure whether others are feeling good or not. If you cry, you only feel sad and you only will be disappointed, you are not sure about others’ feelings on your crying.

Step 2: Some cases, we can’t avoid the bad situation and we feel crying. For worst circumstances, when you are feeling crying, cry loudly in one private room. It will make you strong. But don’t cry in front of people. Simultaneously, you make understood yourself that you have to come out from this situation. Daily you convince your mind. Think about this big universe. Believe in supreme power. Remember Newton’s Third Law which is applicable in our daily life in this universe. Believe that as you are crying today, definitely one day you will laugh. If today sunset occurs, then only next day morning we can see the sunrise. This is the Nature’s Law. Look at the surroundings, look at those people who have faced worse situation than that of you.

Step 3: Every human being possesses some good qualities. Try to find out those good qualities which are within you. Discover those. If you can discover those, happiness will come to you automatically.

Step 4 : Thinking matters a lot. If you think you will win the race, you will win. It may happen that you are facing difficulties to cultivate positive qualities within you. But can’t you dream positive ? There is no limit in dreaming. You dream positive,one day you will observe that so many good qualities which were not within you, will have grown up within you just because you have a dream for it.

“A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.” — Mahatma Gandhi

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

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