Higher education – no opportunity & lower education – more opportunities

I really got surprised at observing that the persons who have higher education(Master degree & Phd) have less opportunities in getting jobs whereas the persons who have lower education (class: 10-12) have lot of opportunities in getting jobs.
If you open any job searching link: you will come to know the picture. The class who have less expenditures in their lives, are getting more scopes, more facilities and the upper class are also getting more references for getting jobs and also can spend a huge money as advance if required. Most worst condition lies in Middle class. This middle classes people possess higher education too. Neither they can spend a huge money or get referred , nor they can apply for jobs suitable for 10th class.They are literally in trouble. There are many people in this middle class who have higher education along with quality, but due to limited vacancy and huge competition, less opportunities in job exist.
Someone must arrive in our country who will look after the Middle class people. Time has come. I am not telling not to look after the lower class people. Can’t our country look after all classes people simultaneously?
If you look at the job searching websites, you will see that there are lot of vacancies for lower grade posts, whereas very few vacancies are there for higher grade posts. This middle class can’t snatch the jobs of upper class and don’t want to get the lower grade jobs. Then where will they go?
Do our country want to vanish the middle class people? Definitely, not. Then, I think that middle class people should wait for the proper time. But how long?
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

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39 thoughts on “Higher education – no opportunity & lower education – more opportunities

  1. Educational background reflects higher education too…. I feel very bad when a phd student with quality not getting job due to less vacancy and high competition

  2. Problem lies in the nature of of Higher Education, Institutes are just degree awarding forum having lesser focus on Technical as well as soft skills development. More than 90% engineers are unemployable post college.
    Proliferation of private institute on higher education came at the expense of Quality Education

  3. Right… But higher educated students deserves more opportunities in jobs… As many students take educational loan for pursuing higher education

  4. This is a valid question and relevant post. I think job that need high qualification – post graduates and doctorates are in short supply. As a result many post graduates and above do jobs that ideally graduates do. This skewed distribution has happened, I think, in part there was less importance on technical education like ITI, and diploma courses in engineering and other disciplines. Even today, middle class wants kids to do IIT or something prestigious. Those who cannot get into IIT, then join other course that lead to post graduate and PhD degrees. In the developed economies no many people get into post graduate education, they try to find a job after high school, and graduate degree. I am a bit muddled in my expression, bottom line is unless we fix the skewness, we may have problem with job profiles.

  5. I agreed…our education should be activity based… So many theories we have to read unnecessarily after class 12. Then after graduation, everyone being specific in a particular subject and forget about other subjects. Education should be such that it ensures job security along with proper learning.

  6. Nice article, based on facts actually.
    Well, this depends on country’s economy and resources also. I agree that getting job for a “well qualified person” in developing countries is difficult these days, but hunting the job opportunity & hard work “finally pay you back”. Certain times we have to work, “which we actually don’t like, and that work is not according to our profession / status also” —— One should not be degree oriented only. In extreme conditions, do any kind of work, and will be successful, one day.

  7. Yes, agreed… But if a phd holder have to do a job of class 12th standard… It can’t be digestive… There should be equal opportunity for Master degree /Phd degree holders too… Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts.. πŸ˜ƒ πŸ™

  8. I have also struggled with this! There is no stipend for having a master’s degree in my district. I am more qualified, but my pay does not display this accomplishment! Very frustrating

  9. Is your site in WordPress? Couldn’t able to follow u from my mobile… Surely I will do it later from my laptop… Thank you very much for visiting my blog

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