Can't our country give the jobs on hour basis so that women can handle both – family and job?

Respected Prime Minister of our country,

This is regarding opportunity, facility and flexibility of jobs. Before going to the main topic, let me tell you about the difficulties we, particularly the married women are facing day by day.

I have worked in an MNC for last 9 years. I have done B.E (Mechanical) from NIT, Durgapur and M.E (Heat Power) from Jadavpur University, Kolkata. I have 9 years of experience in various industry and got many appreciation letters, certificates as well as awards. I requested my manager in my last company to allow me for half day work with reduced salary since I have to take care my little baby. We, women have to handle two jobs simultaneously – one at home and another outside home (which is paid). But my proposal was rejected by my manager. I think my company was fool and it was their loss since maximum women are very serious about their work either it is in industry or home. Currently, I am a professor in an engineering college but many of my friends compelled to leave their job facing the same difficulties. Even I am also facing so many problems. My college time and my child’s school time are not matching. She comes at home at noon when I am in College. I used to return home at the evening. Then, who will take care of my child in that time when I was in College? We are getting so less salary, then how can I keep my child to a daycare where monthly cost is Rs. 6000/-? Or being a lovely mother, why shall I give my child to daycare? Will it be safe for our children? If tomorrow, I have to leave my job, then one thing will make me worried: as I have only one daughter, if she also needs to leave her job after her marriage, then why will she pursue higher education-like, M. E and PHD etc.? Is the higher education because of her would be son’s brain development only? We, women want to do everything but definitely at different time. We don’t have ten hands like devi Durga, but our mind have capabilities and we don’t become tired. For example, if children school time is 7a.m to 1p.m and office time is changed into 8a.m to 12. 30 p.m. How nice it will be!

Many men have tendency to stay at office up to 9 P.M. My manager would have stayed whole night in office if he gets dinner there just to show how much he is working . But this never means that they are working with high efficiency and work more than women. Actually, many men start their work from afternoon and they waste 1-2 hours’ time in smoking, tea break and discussion about Share,political issues and what not. But women use to work restless, women give continuous effort and finish their works as early as possible, parents are waiting at home when their girl will come and give medicines, when their girl will take them outside to walk a little for exercise, to make some snacks without sugar, to tell office story to make them laugh, to care and play with her child, to buy her note book, to complete her child’s home assignment and to take care of her husband who come late from office after office war. Ultimately, men & women, both are paid based on their time and level of work. Then, why not salary can be given on hourly basis of a particular level?

Our Beloved and Respected, Prime Minister-you are doing so many things for our country welfare. To look after women’s career is also a part of welfare of country. Our country is our family where you are the head. If our mother, sister or daughter can’t be happy at one family, can be the family really happy? Similarly, without giving women happiness, can our country be really happy? I will never suggest you something which should not be done. I want to put a simple request to you. Why can’t our government provide jobs which shall be paid on hourly basis? It will be applicable for all-Men and Women. It may be like this :- Rs.100/- to 500/- per hour depending on the organization. Men will work 8.5 hours per day and women (according to their wish) may work minimum 4 hours / day to maximum 8.5 hours/day. I am worried thinking that why India is not progressing in this field. Truly speaking, we don’t need reservations or quota for getting jobs. We don’t need reserved seat in buses, we don’t need reserved seat in trains, rather we want this job facility who deserves. If we all women become cautious about our career and don’t make any family or don’t help in family, can you imagine what will be the picture of tomorrow? Population, Love will decrease drastically. I believe love exists in a family first. So, I think that there must be options for working on hourly basis so that we can handle both fields – family and industry. Kindly look into this matter. We, women can apply our talent in many fields and will be very happy to be part in developing our nation.

Thanking you,
An Indian Woman
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.
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46 Replies to “Can't our country give the jobs on hour basis so that women can handle both – family and job?”

  1. It’s a valid and ubiquitous problem faced by women. Women’s workforce participation is continuously on decline in India, at present its just above 25% which is very low.
    Government can’t do much in country which is already accepted the open market economy. I look forward to some private sector in general and towards some female entrepreneur in particular to resolve this issue.

  2. So true and perfect for what even I wanted to say. I’m still worried about that for my future..This is somewhere not fair. I want to pursue fine arts and that’s my passion, what if I had to leave all my career later on for these reasons?? Why? I’m working so hard on this. Why am I learning this and trying to have a degree in hand and afterwards I have to leave it. I want to continue this work my whole life? Why only we get to stop our work. I know this responsibility is for us and no one in this world can give so much other than a mother and a wife but still we need to work! We want to work. I don’t understand why work and other home responsibilities are not on same track. Why can’t we choose both. Why do we have to choose between the two. Few days back me and my parents were discussing on this same topic. My mother told me she had to leave her job because I was not getting proper attention. There has to be a solution. I don’t know
    Well, great post.. Thanks for sharing this. Hats offπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  3. I truly agree with what you said. Every women in this world don’t wnat reserved seats, quota and all. They just need that like men they can also pursue their dreams and not leave it. There should be something.
    The solution is also practical. Great jobπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘

  4. It’s really beautiful and the reality striking and practical…… We have heard our country is developing… But not once we have have heard it said ‘ near developed’…. But it’s a truth thought… And the women’s condition too

  5. I admit the fact that our country still need to improve a lot for women in working environment.. Fact is true that the people who stay up to night working doesn’t mean that they are efficient… The person who takes extra time to finish their work is never efficient..
    There are few MNC’s that are supportive towards female employees.. But anyway half day scenario is almost impossible..

  6. Few MNCs which are supportive i.e in software field, but it does not exist in core company. Everything is possible if we all, including you all men chhange our mindset…. Very imergency if it is (sometimes), it may be done from home itself.

  7. Yes it’s really difficult to balance between home and job! The solution you are suggesting is realistic ! Every one has an equal right to pursue their dream!!

  8. oh yes .. Core company forget it.. They don’t even allow one hour permissions….
    Corporate companies like Accenture TCS is supporting their employees with “work from home” benefits but core companies can’t expect it..

  9. Hourly job is possible in teaching profession as well… When I was doing my MBA. There were no technical staffs. Management arranges specialist from actual company on hourly basis to teach us..
    But in Core companies its not possible as far as business is concerned.

  10. Core company it will be possible if huge man power is available.. What you are saying right, in this infrastructure, it is not possible. I was in a power plant company.. That impossible can be possible if huge fund along with huge manpower is there…

  11. And yes, in teaching line it is possible but it is not applied in all colleges.. I was talking about ” to keep this option should be mandatory” in one project particularly in one section if two engineers are involved and one is working at first half and another is working at second half… Will you think there will be much problem in the company?

  12. Nope that’s a great idea and infact this was tried in few ventures… but ultimately management will pay half salary to them if it is possible… at end end corporates will think of one engineer for a full time instead of two…
    I wish if your idea is implemented.. it ll be helpful to many…

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