Sometimes,Animals also teach us

(Picture taken from Fish Market,at VIP Road at Kolkata)

They are fighting silently with each other just for foods. Fighting for existence ! Fighting for survival ! They are hungry, still they are obeying the rules. One is not attacking another.

They are so cute, isn’t it ? They are very innocent. Whole day, they are busy just for finding foods and for hiding themselves from their enemies.

They are not doing any harm to others. In front of them only, so many big fishes are there. They are well mannered and controlling themselves though they are very hungry. They may have snatched their foods but they are not doing so.

So politely, they are waiting. Even some human beings don’t wait so politely when they are asked to wait in a queue for some other purposes.

These cute cats know that if they snatch the fishes, the shopkeeper will give them punishment. Has it been taught to them ? No, they know it from their experience.

But does it happen to human being ? So many thieves, dacoits and rapists are given punishment but still we hear about repetition of these cruel activities! So many man made accidents, murders happen daily in India. Even speed competition is used to held in public buses and this creates road-accidents. Have you heard that one animal is killing another same type of animal ? In their world, they have unity among themselves.


There are many things to learn from animals.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

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