Blogging Care for Serious Blogger #1

Treat Blogging as your baby! When your baby is only few months old, take care of your baby much, feed the baby frequently, but when your baby becomes 1-2 years old, you give the food only 2-3 times a day. Let your baby eat the food by own. When your baby becomes 5-6 years old, you have not to give foods every hour.
Exactly, I mean to say that if you are new in blogging, blog frequently and you must maintain quality of blog as you know babies can’t digest the spicy food. If you are very old in blogging, you have not to blog everyday, as your baby can take care of itself and you also. So, blog often when your baby demands but talk with your baby much and make your baby familiar with his/her relatives and friends. Similarly, here it means you should increase interactions with other bloggers. But quality should be maintained.
Thank you for reading! Let us make a beautiful world together! May God Bless this entire Universe!

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28 Replies to “Blogging Care for Serious Blogger #1”

  1. i’m reblogging them bcoz they worth to be seen/read by as many people
    you seemed a bit sad about people not blogging right/enough..that’s what i meant
    have a easy day at the office !

  2. Wise words and advice. It takes work but in the end it is worth it because you meet new people around the world and learn so much about cooking, crafting, news and life. Have a wonderful Sunday and God bless you and your family as well.

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