What do you think -should Doctor tell the truth that patient will not survive?

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Recently, one giant has appeared in this world to take our lives. This giant is “CANCER”. Many doctors tell the cruel truth to his / her patients-” You will live only two months”. Can you imagine the mental state of that person? Instead of saying the truth, if doctor tells a lie and reply like this -” No matter, you yourself are the medicine for this disease. Laugh daily as much as you can thinking that God has given you so many things, enjoy life,do good for others, God will cure you”. Don’t you think that the patient will survive more months after getting this type of reply ?

I am not a life-coach, I am not a psychologist. But still I personally feel that when  a doctor tells a lie for some good reason, the patient gets relief and starts thinking that nothing has been happened with him/her. This type of thinking makes the patient happy. This happiness increases the duration of patient’s lives. I understand that if Doctor tells a lie, this may create problems. Patient’s family may create problem. This is the reason doctor should tell the truth someone in patient’s family but not to the patient directly.

There was one survey done. There were two groups of people. Both the groups were suffering from same disease. One group has been given real medicine for this disease but another group has been given a false medicine (both medicines’ look are same). Surprisingly, after 5-6 days, both the groups has been cured. Do you know which medicine works in the other group who had been taken false medicine? The name of this medicine is –“Believe”.

So, for the cancer patients, I personally suggest – “Be happy, walk a lot, laugh daily even without a reason, beautify yourself and last but not the least -keep yourself always busy in doing something”.

Thank you for reading ! Let us together make a beautiful World ! God Bless !

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27 thoughts on “What do you think -should Doctor tell the truth that patient will not survive?

  1. I really appreciate this concept. I have personal experience for this. I went to APOLLO hospital for treating my father in law in 2009 who had cancer. My father in law asked how long I will live since he had one son & daughter and too depressed for their future.
    He asked repeatedly three times and I understood what doctor was going to say, I tried to pretend but doctor didnt listen & he told…
    “R dui mas, jantronar osudh dichhi” ( Two more months , I am giving all medicine to relieve your pain)
    Next day, he was on bed & mentally sick & went to heaven. I was trying to change but ……
    Doctor name Dr. Rajesh Zindal, Apollo Clinic, it was on 26th March 2009. My Father in law left us on 28th March, 2009.

  2. I would definitely want to know! It would be hard, of course, but I would want to write letters, tell everyone how much I love them. I’d stop wasting time on chores, spend my whole day in nature. I wouldn’t want to be robbed of preparing for the final transition. (I used to work with hospice, helping people be at peace with the end of life).

  3. Hmm. Interesting question. When I first read the title, I thought – Yes. Definitely tell the truth. After reading your thoughts I have mixed feelings. I think I might want a good mix of both. Realistic expectations and time to say goodbye along with some positive thoughts on how I might be my own medicine and prolong life. I do believe hope is the best medicine. Thought provoking! Thank you!

  4. I agree positivity helps, but personally, if I was mortally ill I’d really like to know where I stand. We’re all going to die some day and lying about what’s going to happen won’t change that. Maybe it’ll soften the final steps on the road, but as the practical person I am, I’d like to hear the truth.

  5. Being a person who has gone through this difficult situation I can able to understand the situation…. my mother has died because of this disease it was a horrific experience to see death infront of us

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