Codependency helps in Loving

“There is nothing more nice,there is nothing much worse, than me as your vice and you as my versa”-Lang Leav.

Codependency means we all should walk together,should help others and also should be helped by others. As per Nature’s “Give and take policy”,”Love” also follows the same policy. A kid always love her/his parents,definitely because the kid is completely dependent on her/his parents. Similarly parents also love their kids,of course there are reasons behind this. Emotional needs of parents are being fulfilled by their kids. A person loves her wife very much because he is completely dependent on his wife except financially. A wife loves her husband because she is financially dependent on her husband or may be dependent on her husband in some other fields too.

When mentally,physically,financially in all these three aspects,husband and wife are completely independent ,sweetness and strength of love will decay in that relationship.

We all are more or less dependent on others either mentally or physically. You should not feel bad about this,rather this is good. You will love others only when you will expect something from them and you will get also that from them. If you feel that everything you can do without others’ helps, then you are too much proud. Also if you feel that you can’t do anything even after taking others helps, this indicates that you are underestimating yourself. So you need to know how to balance both so that you will not underestimate yourself and you will not be proud of yourself too much.

When you love God or others, you will not become too much proud but when you will love yourself only, there are chances of becoming proud. Loving yourself is necessary but that does not mean that you will not love others. You should fulfill other’s expectations to make others dependent on you and simultaneously give some chances to others so that they can fulfill your expectations. Like this way, love others and be loved by others ; be dependent and make others dependent on you but never be financially dependent on others as your path of life is unknown to you completely, even you don’t know what will happen to you tomorrow.

Always target high so that you feel that you have not reached at peak and thus you can’t become proud of yourself too much.

Never forget your origins. When you will remember your origin, you will automatically respect the persons who at present are lying in such a situation which you have already passed.

So, love others and be dependent, make others also dependent upon you and thus be loved by others. But never ever be dependent on others financially.

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Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

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20 Replies to “Codependency helps in Loving”

  1. I agree with you and that should be the case in any relationship. We all depend on each other in one way or the other. It’s a great insight and I pray that a lot more people will read this. Bravo

  2. Codependency is somtimes though of as being dsyfunctional in a relationship, especially if one person is supporting and enabling the other to continue to live a life that is not acceptable such as drug use and binge drinking etc. If the codependency is both people supporting each other in a good way then it’s a win win situation.

  3. Hv not thought about this.. Whatever I hv said in this article is dependency between two general persons,nothing else…the person who is supporting but involved in or addicted with impurities.. The second person should not take support from that type of person..
    Thank you very much ๐Ÿ™ for sharing your opinion on this blog… Hv a nice day..

  4. Even though we can’t really the contributions of partners in a relationship each person must make a contribution to the good of the relationship. If a partner takes to drug or alcohol, such a person must be supported to seek attention. If he refuses to seek med attention, then you have to advice yourself

  5. Yes, first we should try to help him.. But if it is refused… we should move on our own way…Anyway, thank you very much ๐Ÿ™ for sharing your opinion… Hv a nice day..

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