Why Women's Day?

Why do we celebrate Women’s day? Is it significant to celebrate Women’s day once in a year? Is it sufficient? Does it not imply that other days are for Men’s day?
Does not it look odd in our country where some girls are born to marry and for giving birth, some girls are born to look after their helpless husbands, where some girls get married at the age of 19,just after crossing 18(as marriage at below 18 is not legal), where sex determination tests are carried out for some pregnant women at some areas, where girl childs are aborted, where it takes very long time to give punishment to the rapists and sometimes, punishment is not at all given? I personally feel very sad when some women with her gorgeous jweallary proudly celebrate “Women’s Day”. Our sisters are crying, our daughters are still deprived of education at some areas. In this condition, how can I celebrate?
Do you celebrate God’s day once in a year? Daily we recall our God. Why can’t we recall our mother, sister daily ? Can we survive without the help of our mother? I feel my mother is my living God.
We have not seen someone to celebrate Men’s day. Are men showing sympathy to us, women? In this advanced era, we don’t need sympathy? We need justice. If required, we have to fight. We need guarantees from men that no tears should come from any of my sisters and mothers. Can any men give that guarantee? No, then why to celebrate?
People celebrate when things are running in a smooth way. When I see that some women are celebrating “women’s day” in our country, I think her world is very small, confined within some narrow space and she is happy and proud. What is about that girl who does not have sufficient dress, sufficient foods, who often gets tortured by men, who has not been provided education, still is fighting and opened one shop and is constantly working hard? It looks very odd to me to celebrate women’s day.
When no one of my mother, sister and daughter will cry, I shall surely celebrate Women’s day from that day onwards.
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

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46 thoughts on “Why Women's Day?

  1. True..I totally agree with you..Great post..!! A very good message that everyone should know. Thank you very much for sharing. This is the truth.

  2. Beautiful message. I was wondering ” Why there’s one day to celebrate Women’s day / Men’s Day/ Children’s Day” . We all should celebrate these days everyday ,I think.
    There’s no use if on particular day Anyone is to be respected/loved.

  3. Really true. Its not about celebration its all about the respect, it should come from our bottom of heart. Thanks Tanusri di.

  4. wow powerful post, well written … you are passionate the current topics!
    Women need justice and RESPECT … why is that so hard?

  5. Women need only justice and respect and should be treated as a human being…but still 100% success is not coming due to cruel reality.. Thank you for visiting.. πŸ˜ƒ

  6. Mentalities should be changed. Education and safety of women needs more improvement… But before these, high punishment should be given to rapists and persons who are torturing girls, women and prompt action in giving punishment should be taken. Punishment should be so cruel, that someone will get fear in doing crimes…

  7. sadly the men who should make and enforce these laws also do these acts, this is why the perpetrators get away with it. Our police and courts condone it …

  8. Very strong and clear words… But I would really say sth which is I completely agree with your words… but an ocassion of Women’ s Day , the purpose of celebrating women is this only that we really celebrate the significance of women in ou life and actually raise a voice towards protecting women aganist such things…..

  9. We should raise our voice against injustice, crimes daily not on a particular day. One day in a year is not at all enough. Anyway thank you for stopping by

  10. Your questions are no doubt valied,I really appreciate your feelings and thoughts but at the same time I request great writers like you to convert this insignificant day into a significant day by bringing together other successful girls and women to a place of discussions and strategies and then have atleast one project with the help of the NGOs to eradicate the negative attitudes of the society towards girls and women.Thank you.
    On Mar 8, 2019 11:33 AM, “With Nature-tanusrirchokhe” wrote:
    > Tanusri sen posted: “Why do we celebrate Women’s day? Is it significant to > celebrate Women’s day once in a year? Is it sufficient? Does it not imply > that other days are for Men’s day? Does not it look odd in our country > where some girls are born to marry and for giving birth” >

  11. Yes, I do agree with you that we should not celebrate these days for once a year. It seems as if we are acknowledging women only this day. But I also feel that the struggle and efforts women have shown need a proclamation that people understand that women can and will. When society will stop obstructing women in their every step, then we can surely celebrate women’s day everyday. πŸ™‚

  12. Yes… It is good idea. But how can someone change other’s negative attitude towards girls. I think it can be eradicated only by giving very hard punishment to the criminals so that next time they get fear in doing crimes next time. πŸ˜ƒ

  13. wow this is a very meaningful post, is a different view to the celebration and certainly something to think on, thanks

  14. Celebrating can also mean keep fighting for better tomorrow and granting a big salute to all women that are struggling and suffering but didn’t give up yet!
    Hope a day will come and all the women will really be happy!
    Thank you for sharing πŸ‘

  15. Yes, but one day is not at all enough for fighting… Anyway me too hope for that time when all girls, women will be happy…. Thank you for sharing your views… πŸ˜ƒ hv a nice day

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