Environment has a power to control you indirectly. Every action needs a proper environment to execute it. I personally feel the importance of environment. If you can build up an environment of studying, your kid will study by his/her own interest. For creating an environment of studying, first you have to study, your study room also have to be decorated with lots of study materials.
If you want your kid to pray to God daily evening, then you must build up that type of environment before your kid takes birth. After taking birth itself, your kid will be habituated with that environment – evening means – first do prayer and next do study, morning means first pray to god, washing face, take breakfast, do study.
So don’t force your kids to do some action which they don’t like, but you like them to do. If you want them to do some actions, you create that type of environment.
Don’t fight with your kids, rather fight with the environment in creating it.
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

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18 thoughts on “Environment

  1. Environment has huge influence in the way we gonna live so as a person you need to place yourself in the environment that favours kind of achievement or life you want.

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