Nature-The Free Book

North Sikkim,India

Evolution is occurring every moment. Time is changing. People are becoming busy. This is the Era of Online. We have forgotten our roots, which is the base of any civilization. Civilization ruins and a new civilization starts but NATURE remains with some varieties in all civilizations. Should we forget our base –THE NATURE?

NATURE is the pillar of a civilization. If you hurt NATURE, it will hurt you too as per Newton’s Third Law. You, people are being so busy in Laptops, Computers, Smart Phones. But how many of you take care of your NATURE?

NATURE is not an e-book but of course it is a free book. NATURE is universal Teacher-a Teacher of a kid, a teacher of an uneducated person and also a teacher of an educated person. A kid who have taken birth just few days ago, if you don’t teach that kid, do you think that the kid will not learn? If you think so, you are wrong. The kid will of course learn but may be in different way.

NATURE is the supreme power of this Universe. E-books are not created by GOD but created by Human-being. GOD has given us a free book –NATURE on which GOD’s lesson are reflected. Do you think human being can teach more than that of NATURE? If you think so, then you are wrong. What NATURE can teach someone, nobody can teach to that extent.

We should take care of our surroundings, then surroundings also will take care of us. Everything is based on “Give and Take Policy”.

Thank you for reading ! Let us make a beautiful World together! God Bless !

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  1. Powerful message! I hope we will realize how blessed we are with the Nature gift and how cruel we are treating it! Thank you for sharing

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