Human being-form of energy

As I am existing, some people like me and some people dislike me. But when I will die, people who dislike me will start liking me.
Now I am called by my name, as soon as I will die, people will call me as dead body.
Now I am equipped with so Beautiful dresses, ornaments, as soon as I will die, everything will be removed from my body. It will become a body without feelings and i.e energy less body.
Do the feelings contain live energy? The non living things contain non living energy.
Total energy =(total living energy +total non living energy) of the universe.
Total energy in a human being =(total living energy +total non living energy) in a human being.
Total living energy can be measured by total feelings possessed by all the machines of the body in a human being. Where there is no feelings,there is no living energy.
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

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4 thoughts on “Human being-form of energy

  1. Well said, Tanusri! In physics if there is no fire or heat it is not actionable energy. We know that in spirit there is no death. The body just decomposes and is given back to tho Earth.💕

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