Sacrifice of Women (specially at Villages)

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Some women in the villages don’t take care of their health at all. They think that they should take care of their husband’s and children’s health not their own. They always take the meals after serving everyone in the family. If there is shortage in the food, they don’t bother about this. They think the fruits and good foods are required only for their children and husband as their brains are always working. They sacrifice a lot. They do fasting often.It is their belief that if they do fasting,God will bless them. It is their belief that if they serve their husband and children, God will bless them.

I have seen many families in villages where Women are not at all serving their own parents but they are serving their in-laws too much. If you have to take care of your new parents, you must take care of your own parents too if it demands. Nowhere it is written that own parents have to be taken care by their sons only and not by their daughters. Parents love and take care their sons and daughters equally. Then, a daughter also should take care of them.

I am writing this article to awake the soul of my Sisters and Mothers.

Dear Sisters and Mothers of villages, please take care of your family but before that you must take care of your own health. I always believe that serving others is a very great work, but neglecting yourself and being neglected is not at all good. You must have self respect. As you are serving your family constantly, you also deserve so many things from your family. Are you getting that ? Why are you serving your family when you are getting insulted daily, no one is bothering about your health? Is it because -you have no other way to protect yourself ? This is the reason, you must work and earn at least for yourself . Let the amount be small, you continue earning.

If you can’t earn, you must manage everything such a way so that you can take care of your own health. Do remember, if you become ill, you will become burden of your family. You are the engine of your family. If engine is not working, do you know what some people do at villages ? The working members continue ignoring you and then may replace your position. They don’t have time to look after you. They have their jobs and children have their own friends,school. So they are very busy. If they look after you throughout the month, they will get pressure from their office.

So, if you think that serving others is a great job, do it happily and simultaneously you must take care of your health. We all know-“health is wealth”. Also, you take care of your mind. Health and mind both are related with each other. Hence, if you want to take care your family throughout the entire life, be happy and take care of yourself first.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world. God bless.

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