Be hungry for Happiness

When you feel hungry, what do you do? Do you eat lot of foods or do you eat your favourite foods? When you are feeling hungry, you never look at the type and quality of the food rather you look at the amount of food whether this quantity is sufficient for killing your hungriness and availability of it. Am I right? But what will happen if you don’t get food at all? You will cook for yourself or you will buy some food from market. Isn’t it ?

Similarly, what you should do if you don’t get love which you are expecting, what you should do if you don’t get happiness as per your expectations? You cook love and then take it, you cook happiness and then take it. When you will cook happiness,one good smell will come from you and surrounding will get it from you. As surrounding is getting a good smell from you ,as a return gift surrounding will give you a positive energy.

But, what will you do if you don’t know how to cook happiness ?

If you don’t know how to cook love, happiness then here is the way. Simply, engage yourself in some good activities and let others know about your cooked activities. Let you get appreciation from others which will convert your favourite activity into passion. Then spend more time on your passion, you will feel happiness is coming slowly.

But still can’t you cook any activity ? Then try to do the following things :

  1. Donate happiness

Donating happiness means make others happy. It is Nature’s rule –if you want to be reach person, donate some money to the poor, if you want good health, do fasting occasionally and give the foods who need it. It is a give and take policy. So, if you can donate money, blood etc. for social welfare then why can’t you donate happiness, love?  I am sure that if you donate happiness, you will feel charming in your life.

     2. Teach some unhappy persons how to become happy

If you are the unhappy person, teach some people who are unhappier than you how to be happy. We all know little on any subject, but still when we teach someone younger to us, we get more confident on that subject and thus we get more knowledge. Similarly, though you are not happy, you teach some unhappy persons how to become happy and thus make them happy. When you will make them happy, happiness must take birth within you also.

Be a good teacher of subject, named “how to search happiness”. Gradually you will become happy parson. When you will teach someone about this subject, you will gather a positive energy within you. This positive energy will fulfil your hungriness of happiness.

    3. Maintain it

When you feel that you are the happiest person, what will you do?  will you stop searching for happiness? Don’t stop it. Happiness is in your heart that does not mean happiness will stay within you forever. Everything needs maintenance.  So, now your duty will be to hold the happiness and for that you should continue donating happiness.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God Bless.

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14 thoughts on “Be hungry for Happiness

  1. Happiness, is a term nowadays required for each and everyone like medicine. We have to eat & drink happiness 😍😍😍😍 3 times a day for rest of our life.. thanks Tanusri for making this realization.

  2. To find happiness we have to go through a lot of sorrow. Happiness needs sadness. Otherwise how did we know the value of happiness. BTW you have written very beautifully 😊

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