Love will make you beautiful


Love is beautiful. It acts as medicine, it increases beauty on your face, it increases glaze on your skin. It reduces your age. Love is wonderful feelings and also wonderful creation of The Supreme Power.

Can you imagine the world without love? Here, I mean love between spouses. If you can’t love your spouse from heart and if you don’t get genuine love from your spouse, life will not be interesting. Of course, exception exists but here, I am talking for general man and woman.

I know a girl who was suffering from spondylitis disease. After getting tremendous love from her wonderful husband, she got totally cured. Believe me, Love has wonderful power. Love only can change a man and woman in all directions-behaviour as well as appearance.

Are you going parlour to make yourself beautiful, are you applying so many creams to remove your pimples from your face? are you tired in trying so many face creams? But nothing works. Isn’t it? You are asking your friends for solution and also searching the beauty tips in ‘google’.

This is an eternal truth that until unless you love your spouse and be loved by him/her, no beauty tips will work. When your relation with your spouse is very strong, you will spontaneously feel happy. When you will be happy, you just maintain the following three things:

  1. Drink lot of water
  2. Have a good, sound sleep
  3. Lough every day and keep yourself engaged.

The changes on your skin, health will be visible to others. You will get so much appreciation. This appreciation will also help you in increasing your beauty.

Your primary duty will be to maintain a strong relationship and then feelings of doing other necessary activities will come to you automatically. You will enjoy all works-your personal works and as well as your professional works.

The persons who are not falling under this category for them, please read my blog -“LOVE YOUR WORK”.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together God bless.

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