Maintaining a Routine in Blogging

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As I have said in my previous blog,”Give & Take Policy” matters a lot in Blogging, to follow this policy, you must maintain a routine. The routine is very simple. If you want to take Blogging as an occupation, you must create an environment like office at your house only. If you do a private / Govt job in any field, definitely you will spend minimum 8 hours time in your office. But in Blogging- office, you may spend 6 hours also. If you can spend more than 6 hrs, it is too good. But how you will utilise this 6 hours time?

The people, who are very busy in other important works or in family but love to blog, for them I suggest that it is better if you can maintain a routine. 2 hours for plotting the theme or for thinking / nurturing the ideas, 2 hours for writing and balance 2 hours for reading/commenting on others’ blogs.

The people who doesn’t consider blogging as occupation and busy in other works for them, I must suggest the following :

If you are a home-maker, you can think about the ideas while washing your clothes, cleaning the room etc. But don’t think too much while cooking, it may spoil the taste of the food because of your lack of attention.

If you are a working woman, but love to blog, for them, it is better to think about the ideas in the evening during snacks time with other colleagues.

If you are a smoker (smoking is always injurious to health), you may think about the ideas during smoking.

If you are a working man, think about the ideas while returning from office by cab only if you are not driving it.

If you are a student, think about the ideas after studying long time so that it can give you a good break and refreshment.

If you are a business owner, think about the ideas when you are waiting for customer.

Once you can plot the ideas in your mind, it will not take much time to jot it down in your site. It will hardly take 2 hours for writing 3-4 blogs,if plotting ideas has been done perfectly. Give one more hour for reading and commenting other’s blogs.

Please let me know how much do you like this routine. I have fixed this routine completely from my own experience.

Thank you for reading. Let’s make a beautiful world together. God bless.

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5 thoughts on “Maintaining a Routine in Blogging

  1. Blogging is a wonderful liberating experience to me. I am always thinking about the next post. I don’t take it lightly. Life is uncertain, it could be my last post. So I put in everything to make it more meaningful. I pour out my heart and soul into it. Thanks for bringing this up. God bless you dear Tanusri.

  2. This idea is amazing… As life is uncertain and u want to put everything in blogs… Getting inspired… But some people like me couldn’t get time.. I also love blogging… But only by blogging, my days can’t run. After all, I hv to do my other jobs… Office, cooking and looking after kid… Anyway, thank you very much 🙏 for visiting… Hv a great day..

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