Are you being addicted in Blogging?

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Are you being addicted in Blogging? Have you locked the door of your room and continue writing by hours ? Are you neglecting your family members?

Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam has been said that “love your job, don’t love your company”. Love in bringing new ideas, but don’t love earning by blogging, you will be happy then. Focus on your work i.e writing and focus on your family/friends.

Swami Vivekananda has been said – “Everything excessive is Poisonous”. It is very true. It is true in Blogging also. Are you feeling irritating when someone closed to you come and disturb you in writing? Believe me, when you will become ill none of your online friends will come to you for looking after you. They will miss you surely. But they can’t come to you for looking after physically, they will surely look after you online as they are your online friends. So, never neglect your closed ones, just because of interruption in Blogging. Love to do good works is always good, but addiction is not good. Addiction in other fields also is not good for your health and mind.

Thank you for reading. Let’s make a beautiful world together. God bless.

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21 thoughts on “Are you being addicted in Blogging?

  1. oh my wrongly mentioned that quote to Dr .APJ Kalam,, not he said those words… Infosys founder , Narayana Moorthy said that. dr.Abdul Kalam would not work for any company rather he worked for govt….

  2. Is it ? But I know – it is said by Dr.Kalam… Even in google also I searched and got as Dr. Kalam’s Dialogue. Can you please send me where N.Moorthy’s name is there. Please send me…I need to correct myself. Thank you

  3. the first time I ever heard this saying I asked who said and I somewhere read it’s Mr. Naraya moorthy. I also googled after reading yours and its’ by Dr Kalam. I don’t know who first said this.. I suppose NM may be..but ca’t believe Kalam from his personality…he is not a corporate person..ok I did some more research..
    Mr Kalam is my role model and I won’t attribute this is his thought..he might have borrowed and said just like that..surely this saying is for corporate world,,the first ever I heard this saying been said it was from Mr Moorthy.

  4. Ok.. Thank you very very much 🙏… for your informations… Actually I have seen this one in Google.. as A. P. J. Kalam’s thought… Thank you so much…

  5. Do you still confused ? I am now confused..who said first.. 🙂 haha.. but Dr Kalam won’t say this..someone started and it followed..we must Mr Moorthy cos he is only proof now hah

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